Wednesday, May 12, 2010

back (b)log and blast from the past

I've check my drafts folder here in blogger and saw more than 5 entries that are waiting to be published. Some of the entries are about  3 more places I've visited, books that made me cry and  many more.

meanwhile, as i sort my entries on the draft folder. here's some of my favorites posts.

28 Realizations - lessons I've learned for the last 28 years.
The Myth - an urban legend among our barkada.
Updates - I listed my top 10 things to do, here are some of the things I've accomplished.
A look back - my reflections for 2008
Battle of the Brainless - laughtrip after work; my clueless colleague always crack us up (unintentionally).
A planned life - I thought I can mapped out my life.
RR Herrera - My struggles with the letter R.
I can - a father's unending love for his child, very inspiring.
Hell Week - one of the  most difficult time of my life.
Forever grateful - Thanking HIM for everything HE had done for me.
The one that got away - a lesson learned the hard way; as the love guru said, say what you feel.
Selfish me - letting go.
Single - of being single.

the last 3 posts are about matters of he heart or should I say matters of the hurt. hehe!

Hope you'll enjoy reading the posts.



pmm012 said...

i'll find time to read all, promise.. hehe. pero ngayon, sibat muna ako.. may lakad eh..

gaiLie said...

hehe! thanks. :) mukhang may date ah. :P osha, ingatz!

pusangnahukay said...

weeee interesting ohh makikibasa nga hehehe

gail said...

hehe! okay, go ahead. hope you'll enjoy reading. :D