Monday, November 19, 2007

a planned life

Before we go to sleep, my roomate and I have this little talk about work, love interests, rants, dreams, failures, plans and almost anything we can think of.

One particular night, we had this conversation about plans in life. It made me ponder, whatever happened to my plans?!

Am I still on track? 

Am I lagging behind?

Generally, my plan was really quite simple. After completing my college degree, I want to work in my chosen field, (aviation, airline and tourism), after 4 years of hard work, I will marry the man of my dreams and start my own family.

Quite simple, right?!


Who said life is simple and uncomplicated? 

I had these unexpected turns and was headed in a different direction. 


I'm now 27, my original plan was to get married when I reached 24! wow, I'm 3 years behind. Aside from that, the man of my dreams, my partner in dream-building is gone. But its okay, I have come to terms with it, I know in time I'll have someone I can share my life with.

Fortunately enough, one of my dreams came true, I got my dream job, I've been in the industry for quite sometime and still enjoying the field I have chosen.

The valuable lessons I learned:

Be realistic with the plan.
It's okay to plan ahead but expect some changes , life never runs out of surprises.
Be ready for plan B if incase plan A didn't turn out good. Never lose hope, be positive! Lastly, as Michael Scofield would say, 'just have faith'.

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yin said...

never lose hope... that's the best way towards our goals. try reading the secret :)