Saturday, March 29, 2008

my top 10 must see places

being a wanderlust, i have been daydreaming about the places i would like to see, here is my top 10 in random order


i'd like to see what's down under in Australia!!! visit the blue mountains, the sydney opera house and the great barrier reef. so, wait for me mate, i'll be there soon. hmmm... then, a side trip to new zealand, the adventure capital of the world! try bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting and other adrenaline pumping activities. (now, it's 11 places to see! yipee!)


ahhh.... the city of lights, paris! as i said, i'm fascinated with the french language, so fascinated that i want learn how to speak. paris = love, a romantic getaway. want to go with me?! wehehe!


egypt.. english class, 1st year college, we were asked to do a extensive research paper. i chose EGPYT. i'm curious on how they have built those extraordinary pyramids. after doing all those research, it's still a mystery to me. so much so, that i really really want to go and visit egypt and see it for myself.


konnichiwa! watashi wa ge-ru des, douzo! (hi! i'm gailie, how are you?!) why would i want to go to japan?! 3 things: culture & technology, ninjas (this is naruto-inspired) and fashion. one of the most advance countries in the world yet they still preserved their identity as a nation.


as a requirement for passing the course 'tour operations' (during college), we are tasked to plan an itinerary and entice tourists to visit UK. i fell in love with london while doing this project. wehehe!


US?! who doesn't want to go to US?! disneyland, hollywood all those glitz and glamour.

china! china! china! i really want to visit china within the next 2 years. im curious with ancient civilizations and china is one of them.

there's so little information on russia. so, i'm planning to go there myself and find out russia. wahaha! i want to see kremlin.


roam in rome! that's what i plan to do. visit pisa (the leaning tower of pisa), venice (grand canal), milan(see the breath taking duomo) and finally rome (colosseum)! see all those extraordinary structures of all time. breathe in all those historic statues, fountain and monuments. wow! i'm all excited just doing this blog!


the land of the god, as i call it. see all those ancient ruins and monuments. it make you appreciate those greek mythology lessons you took up in school.

my heart is all giddy, i'm really excited! hopefully, i can visit all these places within my lifetime. i should start saving up from now on. anyone who wants to join me?!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

shopping! shopping! shopping!

last week of february, i had my asian tour. i have to admit i bought a few things for myself. here are some things that i bought...

benetton trolley bag

this is my best buy ever! [aside from my new baby canon ixus 75 which costs 11,000php in KL, here in manila, its 19,950php, but that's another blog entry. wehehe] i saw this in KL, at first i was hesistant to buy this but my sister convinced me. i bought it for about 1000php! my sister said, "UCB trolley bag for only 1000php?!are you kidding me?!"" so, i bought and i'm glad i did!

adidas rubber shoes

im a rubbershoes and sandals kinda girl. i loooove rubber shoes and sneakers. so, when my sister showed this to me, i fell inlove with it. so, i haggled and haggled some more, in the end i bought this for 250php. i bought this in zhuhai, china, just 20 mins away from macau. after clearing chinese immigration, just outside the building, you'll see an escalator going down to a foodcourt. just go down, and you'll see past the foodcourt, rows and rows of stall selling all kinds of shoes, leather bags and clothes. remember, these are just imitations, class A imitations, so scrutinize every detail if you want to purchase. and dont forget to haggle, haggle, haggle!

versace bright cyrstal, eau de parfum, 90ml

what i love most in hongkong is their cheap perfumes. thanks to shops like sasa and bonjour. the first time i went to HKG, bought 6 bottles of perfume. 1 for me and the rest for my family. thi s one, i bought 7!!! wehehe! 2 for me! i think this one is quite cheap, this cost around 2000php. it has this fruity scent which lasts throughout the day.

anna sui's dolly girl bonjour 'l amour, 50 ml

this is the second perfume i bought, this smells like aigner's too feminine. i like its fruity floral scent. this cost around 1000php.

seed t-shirt

a shirt made just for me!!! daydreamer, shirt that best describes me! when i saw this KL, i tried it on and it was perfect so i bought right it away! hehe!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

just so you'd know...

1. i'm allergic to pennicillin

2. i hate ketchup/fish sauce/vinegar

3. somniloquy?! im guilty of that! [go on,google it! then tell me what you've found out?]

4. when i'm bored, i'll get a pen and paper i'd go doodling all over the paper or just practice my 'lettering skills'. wehehe!

5. i finished 'jurassic park' and 'house of the dead 1, 2 & 3' arcade games! [i've tried time crisis but haven't able to finish it!] shooting all those dinos and zombies are great stress relievers, trust me!

those are 5 things, im hoping you'll make it a lil' harder to hate me... - dr. lexie grey, grey's anatomy

Saturday, March 15, 2008


as i stepped out of the airport, i saw this amazing sunset. so couldn't resist the urge to take photos.
good thing, i have my camera with me.

you'll be my judge, if i have a future in photography. wehehe!

Friday, March 14, 2008


how would you react if someone made a song for you?! [on how he views you as a person/as a friend]


i really can't explain the feeling...indescribeable

i feel that im someone important, that somehow in my own little way , i was able to make an impact on someone's life.

i feel a lot better knowing that i have touched another persons life through my simple deeds and words.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

random thoughts

our computer isn't working for the past 2 days... so i had nothing to do... which led me to explore my mobile phone... i found out on my well hidden folders some quotes [that have let me think some things over again on love, life, happiness,God... i'd like to share it with all of you..

* some people say they can't live without true love...well, oxygen's more important - Dr. Gregory House
* I am just like one great movie...the problem is, no matter how great a movie may be, after the show, everybody leaves.

* we sometimes think that we never did anything good, we sometimes think that our deeds were never good enough..think again...coz even a broken clock is right twice a day.

* i hate forcing myself to let go of one person that i need in my life, its the only thing that makes sense but at the same time, its the same thing that complicates me. i know that im better off without that person, yet i feel empty whenever i try to let go. is emptiness better than constant craving?

* cherish people who understands you, those who knows how you feel and accepts who you are, coz in the event that you lose yourself, they are the ones who know how to find you.

*sometimes you just PRETEND that you're happy... just to stop EVERYONE from asking you what the hell happened...

* its next to impossible to find somebody who will never make you cry, so...get the next best thing... find someone who's worth all the pain

* never give up in whatever you do, in whatever you aim, in the things you've prayed for, believe and never stop believing. for good things come when we almost feel like giving up.

* a true friend is like blood, it sustains life, yet it's not always visible but comes out everytime you're wounded.

* life is short, so don't hold back..
   forgive like you have amnesia
   believe like a kid
   love like crazy
   laugh till you fart
   and never regret anything that made you happy!
* always remember that the longer you stay with the things you don't really enjoy equates to every moment you lose with what could be a happier life.
*if you think that happiness is all about sunshine... then nobody has told you about dancing in the rain.

*i like DEAD END signs... i think they're kind, they at least have the decency to let you know you're going nowhere.

* love triangles never last. why? because at some point, one learns to let goof her emotions... one becomes brave enough to take a step back and let the other two work things out if its meant to be...that's why its a triangle cause one way or another, it is bound to reach its end...

*never search your happiness in others,it will just make you feel alone...rather, search it in yourself, it will make you feel happy even if you are left alone.

* i was told not to hurt the heart of whom i love so much, but when i was so busy taking care of that heart, i never noticed my own was bleeding

*everything changes the say... but me, i dont believe in that...some things just stay the same...
  your favorite color when you were just a kid might still be the same when you reach 50
  friends you had when you were teenager can still be with you until your 70th birthday
  and maybe, just maybe if your lucky, the love you always had your entire life will be the only one you'd
  ever want until the day you die
* never give up when everything falls into pieces, never even lose hope when everybody turns their back on you, remember life isn't about being FAIR, its surpassing the UNFAIR REALITY.

* someday everything will make perfect sense. so for now, laugh at he confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

* sometimes we wish we were big, wish we were somewhere, wish we had that someone but sometimes, we wish too much that we miss to enjoy WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE AND WHO WE HAVE.

* let the Lord fight your battles, deal with your problems and direct your decisions. when you have done your best, trust the Lord to do the rest.

* live your life with so much love in your heart that if, by mistake, you were sent to hell, the devil himself would deliver you up to paradise - Paulo Coelho

* do not follow where the path ma lead. Go where there is no path and leave a trail.
* there are things in life that can never be ours, just because of these simple truths

1. they are bad for us
2. they already belong to someone else
3. we already lost the opportunity to claim them as are own
4. they are just not meant to be ours

so, if your caught up with wanting you clearly cant have... remember, you may trade in all your cards for what you want, but in the end, maybe you'll find that its not something you really need.

* a man was asked, "how an you believe in God when the world has many problems?" the man replied," with all these problems, how can we possibly make it without God?"

* sometimes you need to experience everything so that you would learn... there's no easy way in living life so live it as it is. cry. laugh. be crazy, and don't miss the chances that life is giving you because the most important things are not things at all, most of the them are PEOPLE making your life worth living.

* some romances end for all kinds of reasons. but when all is said and done, they have one thing in common: they are shooting stars; a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. and in a flash, they're gone." - the notebook

* moving on... just two words, about a second to blurt out, but can be a million years to achieve. more you try to get over, the more he's invading the mind and heart, so believe it or not there's no such thing as moving on its just a matter of getting use with the pain, to put in one word... NUMB.

* we've spent so much time and effort searching for the one thing that brings happiness and yet nothing seems enough. so why is it hard to be happy? its because we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad.

* a pious man was once asked, "which is more important reading God's word or praying?" He replied,"what is more important to a bird, the right wing or the left?"

* don't ever try to understand everything; some things will just never make sense.
don't ever be reluctant to show your feelings, when your happy, give into it. when your not, live with it.
don't ever be afraid to try to make things better; you might be surprised at the results.
don't ever take the weight of the world on your shoulders
don't ever feel threatened by the future; take life ONE DAY AT A TIME.
don't ever feel guilty about the past; what done is done. learn from any mistakes you might have made, life is SHORT, live HAPPILY but LIVE IT WELL.

* the most humbling statement we can say is, 'i am NOTHING without GOD', and our most powerful statement is, "with GOD i can do anything!"

* the human brain is the most outstanding thing. it functions right from the time you were born ... until you fall in love!

* cinderella, at the night of the ball, had a great time with the prince. yet, when midnight came she chose to run away... nevertheless, the night made her so happy...


"it doesnt take forever to make you happy, a moment can do it of you put your heart into it. never think of the future nor past, enjoy the present and make the most out of it. reach out! dance! laugh! most of all LOVE!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

amateur gaiLie

these pictures were taken during my recent asian tour. you see, im a frustrated photographer. wehehe! i like taking photos. someday, i would have the time and money to take up formal photography lessons/workshops. hehe!

feel free to critique my photos but please be gentle. wehehe.

1st photo - along the bridge in macau

2nd photo - a view of petronas tower inside suria mall


3rd photo - balloons in disneyland

Thursday, March 6, 2008


5 march 2008, maroon 5 live in manila. it wont be soon before long concert

2 years ago, i said to my friend that if ever maroon 5 would have a concert here. i would never pass a chance not to see them.

and now, here i am recalling everything that happened in the concert!

it was scheduled to start 8pm but there are a lot late comers from the patron VIP section so the show started 845pm.

as soon as Adam stepped on the stage everybody started screaming...including me! wehehe! he greeted everyone by saying, "magandang gabi sa." [translation: good evening to ] maybe he forgot the next line.. it should be, magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. [good evening to everyone/to all of you]

right away they sang... if i never see your face again the crowd went crazy. as the song ended, the stage went dark. [ nice light effects]

next song was, makes me wonder, the crowd sang with Adam and danced to his music.

im not a really good judge in music... i know little about it. but i can say that maroon 5 rocks!!! asteeg live performance nila! i was blown away!

third song was, harder to breathe. galing nun drums!!! [love ko na ung drummer!!!] after the third song, Adam talked to the crowd. "hello, philippines!" ,then waves at the crowd. [awww...]

he said that he learned two things, he learned 'hello', then he said " magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. my pronuanciation is kinda new so gimme a break here. i also learned, isa (1), dalawa (2), tatlo (3) , apat (4) but i got scared but i gonna try it again. isa, dalawa,tatlo, apat. [he repeated it] isa, dalawa, tatlo, apat. " [together with the drums beating] then he encouraged the crowd to count with him. isa, dalawa,tatlo, apat, then he sang the sun. ang galing, super kewl! during the song he picked up his guitar and jammed with the lead guitarist!!! galing galing, pwamis!!!

after 3 to 4 songs, they finally sang, this love and the crowd sang with him. after the song, the whole band left the stage. the crowd including me, jeered and cheered for them to come back.

2 minutes had passed, they went back to the stage... Adam saw a girl holding a card that says, maroon5 mahal kita!. adam said that it's nice to feel loved... they have been touring for quite some time, and they have been far away from home...but here they felt that they were really at home, and they feel welcomed and this is ONE OF THE BEST CONCERTS THEY HAD BEEN IN!

and then he sang, she will be loved...half way through the song the whole band paused... Adam looked at the audience and smiled. he looked really pleased with his Filipino audience, he just smiled and looked at the crowd for almost a minute or two. i can see from his face that he was overwhelmed by the audience reception towards to his band. [awww... cute nya tignan, lalo na pag nag smile! gwapo nya talaga! love ko na talaga cia! shyet, hati na puso ko sa kanila nun drummer!] then the drums started beating again and continued the song.

i forgot the last song they sang... as they finish they whole band went infront and all took a bow to the amazing crowd.

kinda bitin! we want more! i want mooooore!!! asteeg! ang galing talaga, bitin nga lang! i'll watch again if ever they'll be back! keep rockin' maroon 5!!!

eto lang masasabi ko.... to borrow maroon 5's lyrics...

cause you keep me coming back for more
and I feel a little better than I did before
if i never see your face again, i don't mind
cause we got much further than i thought we'd get tonight

eto pa...
it's not over tonight
just give me one more chance to make it right
i may not make it through the night

i won't go home without you

i wont go home without you talaga, adam!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my new baby

as i mentioned on my previous blog, i really really love to buy the canon 400d camera, but due to financial constraints. i settled for this canon ixus 75. this is my best buy ever! i bought this in KL for about 910myr (11,830php) which includes 4 gigabyte memory card and all other accessories. but if i buy here in manila it would cost me around 19,950 excluding the 4 gig memory card and other accessories.

if you really want to buy electronics and computer, its best to go to Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, a haven for those techies on a budget!