Sunday, January 18, 2009

the myth

i don't know if its just coincidence or what but every time cla and me travel together chances are one of our traveling companions gets married a year after. and its proven 3 times!


gail, cha (cla's sister), cla, janet and jeff

A year after Janet and Jeff got married OCTOBER 2004

janet and jeff's wedding


eugene, gailie, mina, bogart, mike, cla and abet

A year after, October 2005, Abet got married


keith, gailie, cla, nikki, nica and bogart

a year after Nikki and Keith tied the knot OCTOBER 2007

nikki and keith's happily ever after

the myth: whenever cla and gailie travel, someone's gonna get hitched! is it coincidence or something else?! you decide!

for 2009, cla and i are going to Bohol with our college barkada, we're betting that Berna is next in line at the altar (it's her first time to travel with me and cla together). after much planning, cla booked our flight. We were both excited but sadly, she received a news from her office. she can't go to Bohol with us, she has a training to attend to that same date we are scheduled to fly. Too bad, we are very much eager to prove our theory. Cla and I beleived that Berna will be our 4th proof. wehehe! :P

Thursday, January 15, 2009


warning: tear jerker

my sister let me watched these amazing video.

This is a story between a father and a son, their dedication and love for each other. There are 2 things that struck me...

first, was what the dad had said...'Rick had lived his life to the fullest than most of us who are not handicapped'. its a reminder for me that i should live my life by giving my best shot in everything i do. that i should not dwell on my miseries and obstacles, i should surpass and conquer them. there many life experiences to make, i will stop making excuses and go on, keep living... living my life to the fullest!

second was, i am not alone! though i may feel abandoned at times, God is always there. He is the One pushing us to greater heights. When we think we cannot handle the pain, call unto Him, surrender it all and let Him be.

just when you think, you're about to give up....think of Team Hoyt and the challenges that they overcome, think of our Father above. have a blessed day!

i can do all things through HIM who strengthens me. - philippians 4:13

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wish granted

its never too late to be a Santa to someone. so, these are for you... you know who you are... hope this made your day? did i miss anything from your wish list, hope not!

soundtrack of my life

this is dedicated to my friends: Cla, Bogart, Mina and Rina! wehehe! :P

Laging bigo, laging sawi sa pag-ibig...
Minamalas oh kay sakit...
May balat nga bah ako sa pwet?
Mabuti pa... ang tindera sa aming kanto!
Nakakainggit..tila...ang sweet nila ng kaniyang nobyo!
Gusto ko lang maranasang umibig...
Tamaan ni kupido!
Gusto ko lang maranasan ang langit...
Tumibok muli ang puso ko!!

Tumatakbo ang oras naiiiwan na panahon!!!
Di na nabago bawat araw pare-pareho...parang kahapon!
Tumatakbo ang oras....

May b-day cake ka nga...
Ngunit wala namang kandila!
May christmas tree na malupet...
Wala namang dekorasyong pansabit...
Sadyang ganyan ang aking buhay...
Walang kasing tamlay...
Ayoko na sanang tumandang nag-iisa...
Tatanggapin na lang ba...
Ang malupit na tadhana..??
O kaya'y tatanggapin na lang ...
Na ako'y sadyang hindi pinagpala...
Tigilan na ang drama...
Punasan na ang luha...

(Repeat Chorus)

in a few years time: magbababgo na soundtrack ng buhay naten! wehehe! dapat pala title nito, current soundtrack of my life!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


saw this commercial last night...aww, i felt sad...nostalgic... i have many memories in McDo.

"parang ang tagal na nameng magkakilala, tpos yung mga gusto ko, gusto rin nya.... at kahit hinde rin naging kame sa huli...cia pa rin ang first love ko."

Monday, January 12, 2009

nahihilo, nalilito, nasan ba ako?

a line from migraine song, pero hinde ito tungkol sa love story.

nun nasa van ako nun isang araw, may nakasakay ako na 2 babae, nagsasalita sila sa kanilang dialect. naiintindihan ko kung ano ung pinag uusapan nila pero hinde ko malaman kung saan dialect un... hinde naman sa gusto ko mag eaves drop pero maingay sila mag usap. at ayun, Ybanag pala usapan nila, mga ilang minutes bago ko nalaman kung ano dialect nila.

minsan kase....nalilito ako, napaghahalo-halo ko yung mga salita. marunong ako mag Waray, nakakapagsalita ako nito at kaya ko makipag usap ng Waray, pero hinde ako ganun ka-bihasa. Ilokano at Ybanag, marunong ako umintindi, kung basic ang tanong kaya kong sagutin ito sa Ilokano o Ybanag. sa ngayon dahil nasa Pampanga ako, medyo nakakaintindi na rin ako ng konting Kapampangan.

sa dami nito minsan napagbabaliktad ko na yung iba... may nagtatanong saken ng Kapampangan, ang sagot ko pala Ilokano! dati buong akala ko ang salitang 'akas' ay tagalog. sinabihan ko pa yung classmate ko nun college, 'di mo alam ang akas?! tagalog kaya yun?!' akas ay yung pagkuha ng sampay. nalaman ko na lang na Ilokano pala un! wahaha! antagal bago ko nalaman! wahaha!

minsan pa sa opisina, Gailie: law, paabot naman ng 'lastiko'. nakatingin lang saken si law. nainis pa ko sa kanya, inulit ko pa, 'law, lastiko!!!'. tawa ng tawa si Mimi kase Ilokano din daw ung salitang lastiko. dapat pala rubber band o kaya goma sinabi ko. hay...confused na talaga ako!

si Mimi marunong mag Ilokano, minsan kinakausap nya ko sa Ilokano at ang sagot ko ay Ybanag! wehehe! nakakahilo rin pala ang madaming alam na salita. pero may advantage din naman, sabe nga nila hinde ka mabebenta kung nakakaintindi ka ng ibang dialect. isa pang advantage ay yung ibang salita parang foreign language. nung may Spanish ako nun college, madali lang saken yung ibang vocab kase parang Waray lang.

Limpia - sa Waray ibig sabihin malinis, gnun din pala sa Spanish (limpiar - to clean)
Tomar - sa Waray ibig sabihin inom (gamot) parehas din sa Spanish

tapos ang Kapampangan parang Malaysian lang...

Nasi - kanin; sa Bahasa ganun din meaning

minsan naman may magkapareho...

Mangan - Ilokano at Kapampangan parehas na kain ang ibig sabihin
Danum - tubig; parehas sa Ilokano at Kapampangan

meron din words na magkapareho pero magkaiba meaning depende sa dialect...

Tak-ki - sa Ybanag , paa; Ilokano, dumi ng tao (t*e)

kaya minsan pagpacenciahan nyo na ko kase napaghahalo halo ko ung iba't ibang dialect!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

'date' date?!

a few people ask me about my 28 realizations, if you have have been reading my posts, some of my realizations came from previous entries, some are self explanatory so no need to elaborate. oh well, others are intrigued and ask about the 'story' behind some of the realizations.

so here it is, your wish granted; i'll start with the most frequently asked realization.

10. sometimes its better to do things spontaneously... like date someone you just met

i wouldn't classify it as a 'date' date but you could call it a date if you want to. (confused?! me too!)

i was in KL to attend a course about announcement ( boarding and communications). at the academy, as soon as we got settled in our seats, Mimi (my roommate, now my classmate) scanned the room for some guys. wehehe! we found 2 guys worthy of our attention. and one of them are staring at our direction! Mimi and I never really thought of being friends with them.

after the course, we went to our hotel to freshen up. Mimi's going to meet an old friend, and i'm going to the city to buy some pasalubong and some stuff. as i was about to leave the hotel, i was contemplating on whether to bring the cam or not. i left the camera thinking that i won't use it since i've already had a dozen shots of Petronas Twin Tower and Bukit Bintang, besides i'm all alone, who would take my pictures. so, i left without the camera.

at the hotel lobby, as i was waiting for the shuttle bus. i saw Mr. Shy Guy and his roommate Mr. Shiny White, both were my classmate from the announcement class. they were the ones that stared at us during training. Mr. Shy Guy asked me where will i go, told him that i'm going to Bukit Bintang. He informed me that he's also headed in that direction, his going to stay with her sister who lives in Bukit Bintang.

the 3 of us chatted till the bus arrived. Mr. Shiny White was really talkative but not in an annoying way, he wants to learn Tagalog so he could understand better the passengers, mostly Filipino passengers at his station. Mr. Shy Guy was just quietly listening to us, giving a shy smile when he thought something's funny. We continued our lesson until we reached KLIA. my plan was to take the express train in KLIA to go to city, but these two guys convinced me to take a bus, so that the 3 of us will go to LCCT.... Mr. Shiny White to take his flight, me and Mr. Shy Guy to take the bus to the city. i was deviating from my original plan but its okay, im enjoying their company. And Mr. Shy Guy is really nice. ( as Mimi and i assessed earlier during the training, he is worthy of our attention, ehehe!)

to cut the story short, after saying our goodbye to Mr. Shiny White, Mr. Shy Guy and I headed to Bukit Bintang, the travel time was 1 hr 15mins, we had our time together but we didn't really talk much, mostly silent during the whole trip, maybe his shyness rubbed onto me. his destination was Imbi Station, 1 station before my drop off. i said my goodbye but he said he'd accompany me. i wasn't expecting it, i was caught off guard. now, i didn't know where will i go. i could have said no, but well i guess i like his company, so i let him.

he went with me to the supermarket; at a beauty shop (gosh,he even went inside, most of the guys i know wouldn't dare go with me inside a girly store, they just wait outside!); and into different shops, he was really patient ( to think he was carrying his luggage). he invited me to dinner. i never really thought of eating dinner, i didn't feel hungry till he reminded me it was 10pm, and we haven't eaten since lunch at the academy.

we ate at a famous chicken restaurant, which i forgot the name. i forgot what we talked about but i gotta admit i had fun. that time, i wish i had taken the cam with me. damn! after that unexpected dinner invite, i never heard from him. maybe because, i didn't give my number and he didn't give his as well. i guess both of us forgot to ask each others digits. so much for a first date, if would call that as such! 'twas all good while it lasted!

last i heard , he's not part of our company anymore, he now works for a government owned communications company.

Friday, January 9, 2009

sick zombie

im not feelin' well right now. im down with colds, i think i also have a fever. just one more day of work, then it'll be my rest day. i just hope i can still make it to work tomorrow. :(

Thursday, January 8, 2009

ready, set, go!

on my way to work yesterday, a movie shown on the bus' tv caught my attention. i didn't know the title of the movie but i saw christina ricci, matthew fox and susan sarandon. it's something about a race. it got me fascinated that i didn't sleep during the whole bus ride. maybe for my 2009 must do list, i'll include watching F1 race! wehehe!

p.s. i found out that the movie was speed racer.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a look back....

a reflection on what had happened last 2008...

i had a chance to explore Philippine Islands and get to revisit some wonderful place. finally, after saving up for almost a year, i was able to bring my whole family to an adventure they would never forget - an all expense paid Asian trip. my wallet got drained but it's all worth it. they were really happy, pleased and thrilled. (downside is that, they're asking me where are we going this 2009. i thnik they got bitten by the wanderlust bug. they've become addicted to travel. being a wanderlust runs in our veins,don't you think so?!)

with all those travel, aside from experiencing new culture, i get to meet new friends and rekindle old friendships, like my trip with JR and Nelly.

last year was also a year of concerts, there was Simple Plan, Lifehouse, Maroon 5 and Martin Nievera. ( Martins' concert was free, though!) whoa, i overspent last year!

last year was a time for rediscovering myself; my long gone poem writing hobby and my drawing days were over. hopefully, i can still write and draw someday, if i just put more time and practice to it. i used to believe that i'm weak, i discovered that i can be strong. i also found out that people see me as a happy person, an optimist. that took me by surprise, i never thought that others view me as such. i also had my fair share of miseries, misfortunes and mishaps but i'll put it rest for me to move on.

2008 gave me my realizations. sometimes i learn things the hard way, but it's okay, atleast i got the lesson, right?!

this 2009 is a start of a new life.... i'll be moving to a new apartment; there's a new 'boss' at work, new policies and regime; and hopefully a not-new-but-better GaiLie for 2009!


forever grateful

last year was a challenging year, but i have alot of things to be grateful for...

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my family, for keeping us away from harm. Thank you for my dad's fast healing on his angiogram procedure and for the successful operation of my mom's right hand (carpal tunnel) and I know You will be there in her next carpal tunnel operation (left hand) scheduled this February.

Thank you for your never ending grace, for guiding and letting my sister pass her Board Exams, may all of these be a step closer in Your plans for her. Thank you for your continuous blessings and providence.

I am grateful that You gave me strength and wisdom to stand up for the truth; to be strong when the storm comes.

Thank you for your compassion and forgiveness. I am deeply sorry for my misgivings. help me and mold me to a better Christian.

Thank you for guiding me and my family last 2008. I know that YOU will always be faithful to Your promise. We know that we can hold on to YOU this year and for the years to come. Thank you so much!

Forever grateful,


Monday, January 5, 2009


last year, i listed 10 things i want to do... let's see how much i had accomplished.

1. strenghten my christian life
* still struggling, no sunday off; devotions and quiet time, not enough

verdict: needs improvement, needs more effort, no more excuses!

2. learn new language
* i tried calling different language centers but my rest day won't coincide with the language class schedules. i also brushed up on my Nihonggo, i reviewed my notes (from college) and listen to podcast teachings.

verdict: okay

3. learn how to drive
* i made plans on when will i take my lessons but it got postponed and later on i had to cancel.

verdict: failed

4. climb a mountain
* i went to Kota Kinabalu but stil never got the chance to climb its famous Mt. Kinabalu due to lack of time. technically, i didn't climb a mountain, but i went trekking, cave and tunnel exploration. i think its still counted even half a point. wehehe!

verdict: not bad

5. swim and go to Bora
* last June i took up swimming lessons together with Bogart. i learned how to swim and get to practice it at Kota Kinabalu's Sapi and Manukan Island and ofcourse on our very own Boracay!

verdict: well done

6. photography
* bought canon ixus75 last year and i practiced taking shots of scenery and people. i love the digital macro feature. i'm still saving up for my DSLR canon450d.

verdict: fair enough

7. volunteer on a cause oriented group
* i sponsored a child through World Vision. with my little contirbution, i send her to school and give a good chance to finish primary level. i also plan to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, i have the forms and requirements to join. Bogart and I are fixing our schedule to be able to visit the site and help build homes. we're also eyeing be a volunteer on Kythe Organization but can't get information on how to join.

verdict: good

8. adventure sports
* all my travels last year doesn't include adventure sports. will mad rush shopping count as an adventure sport?! wehehe!

verdict: failed

9. martial arts
* so many things to do, so little time...

verdict: failed

10. travel
* here are the list of places i've visited last year

February - March
> Kuala Lumpur
> Macau
> Hong Kong
> Zhuhai, China

> Corregidor Island, Philippines

> Kuala Lumpur

> Kota Kinabalu

> Kuala Lumpur
> Hong Kong

> Boracay, Philippines

verdict: very good!

OVER ALL: 3 fails, 3 accomplished goals, 4 not-so-bad achievements. effort was there, just a little adjustment on time management.

i'll do my best to accomplish the 3 remaining must do things before i come up with my anothr 10 ten! wehehe!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

last night was the last of our extra flight, and it was delayed, what a way to end it! open counter is at 3pm and since there's an extra flight the closing of counter was extended to 8pm (usually, we close at 5pm). after the flight all of us were starving...we tried to look for a resto , not expecting to find one that's opened at 1130pm.

as luck would have it, we found one! and they have a free karaoke, free to sing our hearts out! but before belting, we need to fill our stomachs. you wouldn't believe that the 4 of us ordered a 7-10 person package meal. we were that HUNGRY! not even a morsel of food was left at the table. i wish i have brought with me my camera to take the before and after shots of the food. tsk! tsk!

the dinner is a way of celebration, an end to the extra flight, an end to our past nightmares and a start of a new year of working with each other.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


...had an unexpected phone call this morning. the first one this 2009, you know who you are... thanks for remembering. you had me smiling the whole day, probably the whole year too! hehe! thanks. *hugs*, here's a hug just for you!