Monday, October 22, 2012

pag-ibig na wagas

me: (sending msg to the group) 

hellooooooo! kamusta na?! punta ko dyan next week. ano mga sched nyo?

tsaka tanong ko na rin kung alam nyo kung san ang PAG-IBIG. may aayusin kasi ko doon. 

let me know your sched. sana pwede kayo.  see u soon!

Nel:  hi! waah wala ako d2 s monday alis kame.. mag elnido kme letss go! hehe
  • san kasi yung pag ibig lam ko kasi lumipat na sila. wait txt ko samin kung saan.

    Josh:  Gail sa Monday off ko. Samahan kita.. Hanapin natin ang pag-ibig. Nyahahaha.

    Kung commute, sabihin mo suburbia right after pepsi. highway lang un. Dun nyo mahahanap ni josh ang tunay n pagibig

    me: sa
    masahan mo ko josh?! yay! wahaha! teka, san tayo magkikita?! tandaan mo sinabi ni renel. basta may pepsi may pag ibig. wahaha! thanks! 

    Shei: mga adik pa rin kayo no..namiss ko tuloy kayo bigla..hehehe.gail magkita tayo bukas dito ka ba?sana kasma din si mimi at josh...para bago ka naman alis magkita-kita pa tayo...wahahaha.. 

    awww.... namiss ko na rin talaga sila. almost 6years kami magkakasama... dami na naten pinagdaanan.lahat yun nalagpasan naten! Yun ang PAG-IBIG na wagas!wahaha! i miss my  crazy CRK family!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

back to earth

this couple of months had been exhilarating... then it happened, one moment everything changed, all was forgotten. i had been in my own bubble that i completely disregarded what other people can do... i realized that i am not invincible, that everything and everyone is dispensable...

hello reality, i'm back!

Friday, October 19, 2012

2 things

Its been two months since I have not gone to work and submitted my passport to the embassy. I check for daily updates on our group and I get to see members that have their papers processed later than mine but already received their passports. While waiting I keep myself busy with other things.

There are 2 things that I think I am learning from all of this.

1. letting go - I am sentimental. I'd like to keep things especially from those who matter to me. I have blank papers given to me by my high school crus; or papers with crush's handwriting/signature/name on it. I kept it all. Years before I tried to let go but I can't seem to do it. As I am now preparing for the big move, I am slowly cleaning up my clutter... thinking that I won't need it anymore. I need to let go, I couldn't believe the trash that I have collected, there were playing cards from my dance partner, broken friendship bracelet from my 1st year crush, shades from my one true love-highschool edition, notes I've uncovered about a boy's misbehavior, my black heartache notebook, and the list goes on. I threw it all, letting go of all those unnecessary clutter. Frankly, I thought it would be too hard but I was able to do it. I'd like to start anew with my life, devoid of all those bittersweet memories.

2. faith - I am impatient by nature. I think this is the best practice for me to be calm, to understand and to trust in Him.... Not to panic or rush, that all will be alright according to His plan and to His time.

For now, I'll just patiently wait... 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gailie's Dayoff Series: Boracay

Aside from swimming, there are a lot of things one can do in Boracay. Some of the things, I tried when I went there.

1. Food trip

Rumor has it that these are the best in town. Let's try and taste it.

Best Shake: Jonah's - I had Mango Rum. It tastes good but there was too much rum on it that it overpowers the taste of mango. My sister tried strawberry and it taste good.

Best Pizza: Aria - Its an Italian restaurant, its a bit pricey but this dish pizza is a winner.

Loco Frio - frozen cocktails. i love the bubble gum flavor with a shot of vodka. I had 2 rounds of those. I can't get enough.

2. Catch the fire dancers perform

I was in awe when I saw them. They were really good. When we had a chance to have a picture taken with the fire dancers, I can feel the heat coming from the rotating fire ball. 


3. Seek Adventure

Adventure you say?! Well, Boracay has lots of it.

a. parasailing - it may seem daunting at first, but once you' re up... whoa! it has a calming effect. Everything is so serene up there. It gives you a 360degrees view of the whole island. 

b. zorbing - i thought i may get dizzy after trying this but no it happened so fast you won't have time to get dizzy. wahaha! imagine yourself inside a washing machine, spinning round and round but this time on a hill. we were tossed in every direction.

c. sea walking - the idea of walking of scared me at first. you just have to listen to the instructors direction about breathing and 'equalizing' you'll be fine!

d. fly fish - cling for your life, wahaha! just kidding.

4. Sand Sculpture  - Boracay is known for its famous fine white sand. What better thing to do than build castles and try your hand at sand sculpture. 

5. Explore

There are a lot of activities going on especially at night. Party people go bar hopping, drinking and dancing all night. Not my type of scene, while others dance the night away, I'd rather have my quiet walks by the beach and admire the sky. If its not your cup of tea either, there are coffee shops abound and diners where local bands play. You have many choices or maybe do it all if you have the time.

This was my second time to visit this piece of paradise called Boracay and I never get tired. There's something about this place that makes me want to go back for more. Now, I understand why my cousin goes back every year to this place (told you, being a wanderlust runs in our veins). Be sure to try out some of these activities. Enjoy the sun, sea and sand. See you in Boracay.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012

Hello October, we meet again. As per tradition of this blog, I now present to all of you (godmothers/godfathers and friends) my annual birthday wish list. 

1. pocket sized devotional bible - my bible is so old. the spine is ripped, the pages are crisp. i think it would not last especially in ever changing season of Canada.

2. iphone5 - this item is consistent in my annual wishlist. I just hope this year someone out there would grant my wish. hahaha! #feelingera. well, there's nothing wrong in wishing. :)

3. perfume - i really love the scent of Issey Miyaki's L'eau D'issey Florale, i just have a hard time pronouncing the name of the perfume. wahaha!

4. old fashioned letters and cards (snail mail) - in the age of internet, YM, Skype, viber, bbm's very few people nowadays use cards and letters to communicate with their loved ones and friends. Its perfectly fine, in fact I often use those apps to talk to my friends. But once in a while, I really want to receive a letter, a simple postcard or note will do. Its a tangible manifestation on how friends find time to write, give advice and wisdom, offer encouragement, get in touch to update me about their lives. And I can always go back and read it again and again.

5. lomo camera - i want the spinner 360 so bad!

6. winter jackets - i might arrive during winter inorder to combat the cold. i need those jackets!  

7. backpack - i'm a backpack type of girl. all my backpacks have given up on me. i need a new one for my travel soon. i like eastpak's getter coat backpack. i wish they had color blue. but this one is just fine. 

I'll be leaving my comfort zone and venture to the unknown. Friends, please always include me in your prayers; prayers for safe travels, protection, guidance, blessings, strength. pray for me that I'll be able to find a job soon. I hope all my wish will come true! :) *wink* *wink*