Thursday, August 16, 2012


These past 2 days, I have been busy cleaning my closet. Sorting and preparing things for the 'big move'.   I never thought I have that much stuff. I found letters, conversations on paper, movie tickets, pictures, cd's I forgot I even had. Here are some of my interesting discoveries. wahaha!

1. id's
before and after 

2. pictures!

I found a CD with my name on it. I can't really remember what's in it. I checked it out and to my surprise I found pictures of my Siem Reap trip. I can still remember Lawrence and I had a fight because he deleted my photos without copying it on a CD. Sorry lawrence. wahaha! :)

my first kiss! hahaha!

picturesque Angkor Wat
3. random papers

my Taz

Way back, I think I draw decently. I don't know what happened. :(

4. Souvenirs

I had this souvenir photo from my trip to Bukidnon. I just conquered Asia's Longest Dual Zipline! Oh what fun! :)

Now, I'm ready to take on new adventures and new memories to cherish. :D