Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Raymen Beach Resort

Raymen Beach Resort is one of the popular beach resorts in Guimaras. It is located in Nueva Valencia, along Alubihod beach area. The resort is fronting the beach so its easy to go swimming whenever you want .

how to get there:

From Jordan Wharf (pronounced as Hordan) ; you can take a multicab or tricycle.  You can hire a multicab (PHP500) or ride a public multicab (PHP20). The downside of riding the public multicab is you have to wait for it to be full before it leaves the wharf. Aside from the waiting time, if you don't mind sitting next to people carrying live poultry or other animals, then go ahead and board! :) A little adventure won't do you any harm. One more thing, the public multicab won't drop you off straight at the beach resort, you have to walk a few blocks to reach Raymen's.

The tricycle costs PHP250. I recommend this for small group. It can carry 4-5 persons. This is what we  took going to the resort. We even asked the driver to stop briefly in some of Guimaras' tourist spots. And he did, at no extra cost! :)


The staff are friendly, though I think the management could at least enhance the staffs' general knowledge about the island. There are instances that we would ask them on how to go to some particular island but sadly they seem clueless and kept on asking other staff if someone knew what were talking about.


Room:  The room size was just right. Not to cramp, not to spacious. Our only complain is that the bathroom was 'amoy-kulob'. We have to open the bathroom windows; and as a result, mosquitoes and insects found its way to our room. No worries, we were able to take care of it.
*we forgot to take pictures of the room and other facilities. we were that excited and tired.

Canteen: It opens as early as 6 or 7am and closes at 9pm but you have to place your order on or before 7pm. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare for your food. You can either wait at the canteen or just have them call you when its done. Food choices are limited ; for pork, fish and chicken they only have 2 variety. Prices are affordable.

Souvenir Shop: They sell shirts and key chains. Dried mangoes are also available for pasalubong. Fresh mangoes in which Guimaras are famous for was out of season. :(  I was looking for ref magnets for my mom's collection but unfortunately, they run of stocks when we were there

Wi-fi:  It's not free, PHP100 for 24 hours. Not bad! Internet connection was fast and reliable. I was able to access the net for 2nights. (but i only paid for 1 night, shhh!)


Just approach the information counter of the resort and book for you island hopping activity. A flat rate of  PHP450 is charged for the 1st hour, and additional PHP150 per succeeding hour. The resort only owns 1 boat, so make sure to reserve early. Otherwise, you have to wait for the boat/guide to return, to avail of their services. But don't fret, there is a a small booth along the pathway (you'll easily notice it) that offers island hopping activity. They have the same rates as that of the resort.


We stayed here for 2 nights. Booked an A/C triple room for PHP1800/night. Overall, our stay was okay. There are some minor problems like the bathroom but it was kinda bearable. If you wanna book and stay here, you can call or text this number (63)9185207271.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Guimaras' Beauty

Guimaras is famous for its produce; the sweetest mango in the world as per Guinness World Records. But Aside from mango, Guimaras boasts unspoilt beaches.

beautiful guimaras

how to go:

Plane ride from Manila to Iloilo. At ILO airport arrival exit, there are shuttle bus service going to and from  city (SM mall)  which costs around PHP50. From SM mall you  can take a cab going to  Ortiz wharf.

Another option is to take a cab. There are taxi stands just outside the arrival exit.

We opted to take a cab from the airport straight  to Ortiz wharf. Its more convenient for us because we are carrying big bags, fare costs PHP350.

From Ortiz, we boarded a pump boat going to Jordan wharf in Guimaras. It's a 15 minutes boat ride, fare is PHP13. If you're travelling in a big group you can rent a boat for PHP300.

where we stayed:   Raymen Beach Resort

activity: island hopping; snorkeling; rappelling; biking