Sunday, February 26, 2012

let's go!

I had a dream a long time ago to go on a road trip across US. I am currently reading Spark your Dream and it made me want to expand the dream and go on a road trip across South America.

Told the friend you gave the book to me, he said he's not fond of road trips. Well, I can't please everybody but for me road trips are cool and a nice way to travel. Maybe because growing up we often traveled by road and I had many pleasant memories.

  • Manila - Samar ( about 17 hours travel with RoRo)
My cousins and I were seated at the back and played games like 'who would be the 1st one to throw up?' when we pass by a certain place that has a lot of sloping curves. The "winner's prize" is endless teasing for the duration of the trip. I remember passing through Bicol region before crossing to Samar,  we stopped to admire the spectacular view of Mayon Volcano. 

  • Baguio (6 hours)
My aunt together with her barkada decided to go to Baguio and brought along their respective nieces/nephews. The whole road trip was so fun, we were about 5-6 kids playing inside the bus. My aunt would also play pranks on us, she would also take stolen shots of those who slept early. 

  • Tagaytay (2 hours)
Tagaytay, one of my favorite place for a quick getaway. I have so many fond memories of our road trip to Tagaytay. Right after work, we head straight to Tagaytay.  Oftentimes we would use Reggie's van and just drive there right after the 9pm flight just to have coffee and steaming bulalo and talk as if we've never seen each other for a long time. Going home is also a fun part coz we have to drop off everyone in their respective houses. First stop is AnnKat's house in Sta Rosa, Laguna; then Cheng's house somewhere in Laguna too;  Jr and Butch's house in Antipolo; last stop will be at my place and Will's in Pasay!  A road trip within a road trip, oh what fun!

If Reggie's not around, Jr's the man! Since its a smaller group, we would exchange ghost stories especially when we pass by unlit roads to liven up the trip. Going home, we would roll down the windows and sing our hearts out on any song in played on the radio. One time, it was a spice girls medley and everyone was so enthused to sing along with matching choreography.

  • Tuguegarao (12 hours)
Tadz and Taby would squeeze me in between their seats. They would cover me up with a blanket saying that if the bus conductor sees me I have to pay for my own fare. Back then, I thought they were serious. Wahaha! But later on, I realized they just want me to sit still during the whole trip. I must say, I had fun playing hide and seek with the bus conductor, I thought I'm invisible. Gullible much!

  • Ilocos ( 12hrs)   with Vina, Bogart and the Maligsons
    Read about my Ilocos Road Trip here

Not all road trips are fun and pleasant experience. There were also some unpleasant things that happened along the way like our bus got pulled over by the military police for a routine check. It was scary I tell you, seeing my dad or grandpa or uncle lining up while military men are frisking them. Then there's landslides. On our way to Tuguegarao,  a part of the road was blocked due to landslide. Buses and even small vehicle can't pass through. We have to walk through the muddy puddle to get to the other side of road where another bus was waiting for us.

What I like about road trips are the experiences I'd encounter and will encounter that will teach me on almost everything. I get to meet people from different walks of life and it makes the journey colorful. So, what are you waiting for?! Pack your bags, Pick a place and Go on a road trip! Have fun, take it all in and be amazed with what you'll gonna learn. Let's go!

Life is a journey and what we learn on the journey serves us our whole life.-Herman Zapp, Spark Your Dream

Saturday, February 25, 2012

never the 1st choice

one day everything was fine
i thought you were mine
turns out my prince 
has someone else in mind.

never the first choice
never the princess
always the consolation prize
always the runner up.

thought i was more than that
have i done something wrong?
i don't know what to do
i don't know how you feel.

never the first choice
never the princess
always the consolation prize
always the runner up.

i've lost the reason to fight
we're on a different battle
you fight for her
while i fight for you.

never the first choice
never the princess
always the consolation prize
always the runner up.

i was never the first choice....
never at all...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


October last year I blogged about my birthday wishlist, click here to see my wishes. Well, I got (1) one my wishes plus one more extra gift! Thank you! Thank you!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

hello there, stranger!

Read about this quote from somewhere, "When we were little kids, our parents would always remind us not to talk to strangers. Good thing we don't totally listen because if we did, we could never find our dear friends. 'Cos truly, EVERY FRIEND WAS ONCE A STRANGER."    
2nd quarter 2011

One day, on my way to work a guy saw me leaving the apartment. He asked me, you're from AK right? I said, yes. Then, he said he's from 5J. We chatted for awhile before he bade goodbye... that was Sky.


September 2011

Almost every night when I get home I see this guy standing by the door across our unit. He greets and smiles at us but we never get pass the Hi's and Hello's cos Mimi and I immediately goes inside the house and shuts the door close... that friendly cheerful guy was Nino.

November 2011

It was a boring night, I thought of calling Cla to have a chat. It was difficult to get through so I went out to the doorway to get a better connection.  Sitting by the door across ours was Nino, he greeted me and asked about work. Found out that we had worked under the same airline way back 2003, and had common friends. We didn't notice that how many hours had passed till my knees hurt for standing for too long. He excused himself for moment and went back with 4 bottles of iced tea and gave it to me. I called Mimi and informed her about our new found neighbor friend. Mimi graciously invited her to our house and we continued chatting till the wee hours. As Nino would say to us teasing, he had us by 4 bottles of iced tea. And we admit, that was our weakness.

Since that night, Nino was a common sight at our house. And every night was fun night with Nino and Sky. 








January 2012

The news was so sudden, Nino and Sky will be stationed in Manila starting February which means that they'll be leaving the apartment. No more fun nights. *boo* 

On his last day, I helped Nino packed his things. He hugged me tightly as we bade goodbye and promised that we'll see each other again soon. I felt sad. Soon after he left, he called me. haha! I guess we both missed each other. 

Never had a chance to see Sky left but he said we'll definitely meet up when I'm in Manila. 


Who would have thought that these 2 guys would turn out to be one of our friends. We started as out strangers in one apartment complex and ended up being our close friends. Oh well, that's life one big surprise... that you'll never know who you'll meet and end up having a blast. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

anywhere but here

inside Em's mind...

I really want to go to a place where you and I can be alone with no one else to bother us, to have you for myself even just for a day.

As we walked I wanted to reach out for your hand and hold it with mine, I wanted to embrace you and kiss you but there were too many people, too many spectators. Just as I was about to say goodbye, you embraced me tightly for what seemed like eternity and kissed my head... and the world stood still... I wanted for that moment not to end... forever frozen. 

When all that was happening, I suddenly realized that the place didn't matter all I want to be is to be anywhere but here beside you...