Saturday, July 30, 2011

my alter ego

My sister jaichey and I have an idea of creating a blog about travel. We've been talking about this since last year and finally its up! Dear friends, if you have time please do visit and follow our site,

so why tripidsistahs?
It is a portmanteau taken from 3 words. TIPID (tagalog word for budget/low cost); TRIP (traveling) and SISTAHS (the slang of sister).  We have a passion for budget travel. We like to explore and discover new places without having to damage our already burnt pockets. Join us as we conquer the world and learn more about the joys of traveling. This blog is dedicated to 'financially challenged' wanderlusting yuppies like us.

P.S. I will still maintain this blog as my personal page. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Yesterday, my officemates attended a mass. I opted to stay home. After an hour, Mimi called and told me that Renel is going to pick me up. We're having dinnner somewhere, I barely had enough money to get me by for the rest of the week; but its my CRK family, who can say NO to them. 

my CRK family

We ate at a famous pizza place here in Angeles, when its time to pay for the bill. They didn't let me pay for my share, its their treat! I was touched coz they could have eaten dinner without me. The church is just 5mins away from the pizza place but they went back to pick me up at the apartment, and then treated me for dinner. I feel really blessed having these guys around. I'm so glad to have met these people in my lifetime. For some, this is just a 'mababaw' moment but for me these moments are what endeared me to these group. We look out for each other, we've been to hell and back.

When Law needed a place a to crash, he took refuge at our apartment. And he is more than welcome to crash our place anytime in the future. If Josh wants to vent, we would drop everything and be there for him or for anyone who needs comfort. We are not merely colleagues, or friends, we are more than that. We regard its each as a family, we may not be blood related but I love them to death. I have found another set of brothers and sisters away from home. 

I do wish all you to find these kind of people in your life. Treasure them, they are a rare find. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


From Evernote:


The past 2 nights at the apartment we were able to get connected to the cyberworld courtesy of my neighbor. I don't know if they are aware that their wifi isn't password protected.

Mimi and I were ecstatic! Free wifi for all day, all night, unlimited chat and internet surfing. We slept really late. The first night I slept around 4am just browsing the net. Last night, slept at 2 am watching Russell Peters. 

Tonight, is the 3rd night that we had a free internet access. I'm beginning to think that this blessing is becoming a curse causing us to have sleepless nights. My housemate and I didn't talk to each other for the past 2 nights because we were overwhelmed by the thought of having free internet access whenever we want to... at the comforts of our room. 

EDIT: As I was writing this blog (last night), I got disconnected. And when I tried looking for the wifi connection its now password protected. Indeed, some good things never last and maybe its for the better. Its also a welcome relief 'coz by 10pm I was already in dreamworld, and got my much needed sleep.

Mimi and I are still contemplating on idea of having internet connection installed in the apartment. It may be a good idea or maybe not. I think moderation is the key to balance it . We'll just have to figure it out. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

shut up and watch

From Evernote:

shut up and watch

The other night I watched the final installment of The Harry Potter series' Deathly Hallows. And no, I won't give a review or comment about how great or bad the film is or give you any spoiler for those who haven't read the book. This is all about my movie experience.

Okay, so first of all we go to the cinema to watch a movie not to chitchat with our friends or go there to harness our commentator skills. But there are some movie patrons that are really annoying and does not care about people who are there to watch and enjoy the movie too.  I'm all cool with those who give exaggerated reactions (when watching) like a loud laugh, or a high pitch scream, a constant giggle those are all but natural response . What irritates me are those who go to the movie house and watch as if they own the place. 

Meet some of my annoying seat mates:

a. The Commentator - these are the people who can never keep their mouth shut. every scene they have to say something; like how lame the actor's expression is; how Ron's eyes are big; how the twins have grown, that Dumbledore looks like Gandalf, that Ginny is ugly, blah blah blah blah blah... Its alright to express your opinion but to give out your comment on every scene and actor is way too much for me to handle. i didn't go there to hear you speak your thoughts on the film.  

b. The (feeling) Know-it-All - the smarty pants who thinks that they know everything that happens in the story. even if you read the book or wrote the script itself who don't have the right to tell the others what will happen next or how the protagonist will die or whatever inside info you have read on the book. you're killing the climax!

A man seated at the back explains something about Snape. In all movies, before the film ends there's an explanation why certain events happen. duh?! But he kept on blabbering about it. And then my seat mate, another wiseass said (when he saw the 9 3/4 platform at the train station); oh look, yung nine and three PORTERS! kuya pa-impress: EPIC FAIL!

c. The Chatter - at the very least the commentator and the know-it-all talks about the movie, but the chatter doesn't care about the movie. All she/he cares about are the mundane things that happen about him or between him and his companion. how the exam was hard; or how demanding his boss was. hello?! you can do that talk somewhere else. i didn't go the movie house to listen to your life and problems. I have my own, I don't need yours.

d. The Rocker - these people never sit still. they rock or swing their feet back and forth which in turn makes the whole row feel the swaying motion of his feet. When Law, Mimi and I watched X-Men we thought there was an earthquake, turns out the man at the end of the row was rocking his feet so hard. Mimi and I got dizzy. Please people be considerate.

Also falling on this category are those who tap their feet behind your seat. Its irritating. 

e. The Don - speaking of feet, these people doesn't respect those who sits in front of them. They put their feet up on your headrest so you have 2 big rabbit ears behind your head. what's bad is when you turn to face them you'll catch a whiff of smelly feet or worse you might even accidentally kiss their soles.

To deal with those insensitive movie patrons, here's what i do:

a. the move - I shift or change my sitting position and give a loud sigh, enough to make the annoying seat mate realize that they are bothering me. 

b. parinig  - if the 'move' doesn't get enough attention; i resort to parinig. i usually say, 'ang ingay naman!' or 'bawal magkwento ng mangyayari', 'wag kang malikot nahihilo ako'. As i said, there was this 'rocker' who kept on swaying his feet, i'm starting to have a headache, so I blurted out, 'isa pa tatadyakan na kita'. then he stop swaying. for a while. then after 10 minutes, he started swaying again which led me to confront him.

c. the confrontation - when all else failed. this is my last resort. i would call their attention and tell to stop talking or stop swaying their feet. it depends on the level of my annoyance, i do it in a nice way. But sometimes, my mean streak would come out and i don't care if they'll be humiliated in front of other people, i'll say what i want. 

i tapped the "rocker's", shoulder and said, could you please stop that (pointing to his swinging feet). hilo na kame dito eh! (and by the way, we were one seat apart, and Mimi was 2 seats away from him that's how strong he was swaying).

then there's this one time, i lost my cool and a group of girls seated at my back got a taste of my fury. 'pwede pakihinaan ang kwentuhan nyo, hinde lang kayo ang nanonood dito! 

Remember when you watch a movie be mindful of other people watching too.  Don't talk loud, if you can't resist telling the plot, do it discreetly. Please don't put your feet up or rock your feet. Think of your GMRC (Good Morals and Right Conduct) lessons when you were young. Now is the time to make use of that.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I felt cheated. why?! coz I'm forfeiting my ticket with Cebu Pacific. Our roundtrip ticket costs around 2000php per person for our MNL-LGP-MNL trip this coming July 20. Up until last week I was excited to finally unwind and have my much needed rest. But something came up and the money that was supposed to be used for the trip went to something else more important. Its a promo ticket so the only option is to rebook the flight with penalty of course plus fare difference. Its non-refundable, non-transferable. If we rebook the flight the cost is way too expensive, this I know because I work for an airline that has the same concept as CebuPac. The best option is to forfeit the ticket. Now, I felt how our passengers feel when they can't do anything their flight. 

I'm not THAT rich to forfeit a 2000php ticket. It breaks my heart but what else can I do? 

And cla, is quite supertitious. She said that there are signs why we should  not push through with the trip. Like me, she had an emergency and her pocket money was used for some unexpected medical expenses. Then, Bogart couldn't confirm our 3 nights stay in Misibis because there's a big event coming up next week, she can only confirm one night, the 2 other nights will be spent on a hotel in the city. 

this is what I'll miss... :(   *photos courtesy of vina*

For all my selfish reasons, I wish a storm would come up next week that will make CebuPac cancel the flight and rebook my ticket without penalties. I wish no one any harm, no floods, no very strong rain, no strong wind, just enough drizzle and wind.

Mt. Mayon, Misibis and Pili nuts, I promise i'll visit you some other time.