Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I felt cheated. why?! coz I'm forfeiting my ticket with Cebu Pacific. Our roundtrip ticket costs around 2000php per person for our MNL-LGP-MNL trip this coming July 20. Up until last week I was excited to finally unwind and have my much needed rest. But something came up and the money that was supposed to be used for the trip went to something else more important. Its a promo ticket so the only option is to rebook the flight with penalty of course plus fare difference. Its non-refundable, non-transferable. If we rebook the flight the cost is way too expensive, this I know because I work for an airline that has the same concept as CebuPac. The best option is to forfeit the ticket. Now, I felt how our passengers feel when they can't do anything their flight. 

I'm not THAT rich to forfeit a 2000php ticket. It breaks my heart but what else can I do? 

And cla, is quite supertitious. She said that there are signs why we should  not push through with the trip. Like me, she had an emergency and her pocket money was used for some unexpected medical expenses. Then, Bogart couldn't confirm our 3 nights stay in Misibis because there's a big event coming up next week, she can only confirm one night, the 2 other nights will be spent on a hotel in the city. 

this is what I'll miss... :(   *photos courtesy of vina*

For all my selfish reasons, I wish a storm would come up next week that will make CebuPac cancel the flight and rebook my ticket without penalties. I wish no one any harm, no floods, no very strong rain, no strong wind, just enough drizzle and wind.

Mt. Mayon, Misibis and Pili nuts, I promise i'll visit you some other time.

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