Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

thank you, Cory

i'm an 80's baby... i never experienced Martial Law...but I've heard horrible stories regarding the Dictator's rule.

and how, we, Filipinos fought for our freedom.

i was sitting on my dad's shoulders and waving a flag, shouting and cheering. we were in Luneta (i think. i'm too young to remember all the details.) there was a sea of ' yellow people' donning yellow shirts and yellow ribbons, they, too were cheering.

i don't know if that event was THE EDSA 1 Revolution but all the people were smiling, my dad too!

at our house, a round-shaped barb wire with yellow ribbon proudly hangs in our living room as though it was a trophy meant to be displayed.

as i grew older, i came to realize the significance of that yellow thingy in our living room. it was the SYMBOL of the very FREEDOm i get to enjoy today.

Thank you, Mrs. Aquino for being an instrument in bringing back our freedom.

Your battle is over. May you rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Agam - Agam

...minsan naiisip ko kung may patutunguhan ba talaga ang mga gusto ko mangyari sa buhay...

...sabi nila may hangganan ang lahat, ako, hanggang saan ang pisi ko?

...kapag matutulog na, tuwing gabi, doon ko nararamdaman na kahit gaano ka kasaya sa umaga, pagsapit ng gabi, ako pa rin ay nag iisa...

...i don't wanna wait, so i wont count the years that passed by...