Wednesday, August 5, 2009

thank you, Cory

i'm an 80's baby... i never experienced Martial Law...but I've heard horrible stories regarding the Dictator's rule.

and how, we, Filipinos fought for our freedom.

i was sitting on my dad's shoulders and waving a flag, shouting and cheering. we were in Luneta (i think. i'm too young to remember all the details.) there was a sea of ' yellow people' donning yellow shirts and yellow ribbons, they, too were cheering.

i don't know if that event was THE EDSA 1 Revolution but all the people were smiling, my dad too!

at our house, a round-shaped barb wire with yellow ribbon proudly hangs in our living room as though it was a trophy meant to be displayed.

as i grew older, i came to realize the significance of that yellow thingy in our living room. it was the SYMBOL of the very FREEDOm i get to enjoy today.

Thank you, Mrs. Aquino for being an instrument in bringing back our freedom.

Your battle is over. May you rest in peace.

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