Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the one that got away

Airport, that's where it all began...

I haven't really noticed him at first. And then one fine day on July, he passed by my counter, he asked a lot of questions about the flight. Who was this tall guy with a smile on his face? Oh, he was one of those friendly flight attendants that greet and chat with ground staff like me ('cause other FA's don't do that).

A week after, I've been receiving anonymous sweet text messages. I can't remember the exact message but there was line that says, "why do we close our eyes when we kiss? its because the sweetest things in life are meant to be felt not seen, so asked me why i cant see you right now?". I couldn't figure out who sent it.

I did a lil' research, and found out the tall good looking guy who turns out to be a sweet gentleman was the one sending me those messages. I told him that I already knew who he was, he said that he will introduce himself properly. We went out for dinner; at that first meeting, we hit off right away. Talked for almost 4 hours non-stop, we could go on till forever but we still need to report for work the following day. So, we agreed to meet again the next night, until he was my constant companion. Right after his duty, he'll head straight to my dormitory and we'll have dinner together. He'd show me his 'flying' schedule, ( I call it, 'life plan') to work out our plans in advance. If there's a delayed flight or he was slated on the last flight, I take a nap first and wait for him to show up at my dorm so we could eat together. We would admire the beautiful night sky, our hobby was to gaze on the stars and talked about our dreams and future.

But we never really discussed our situation, we just enjoyed each others company. 
Friends and officemates wondered, what was going on. They kept on asking whats between us but I kept mum about it because I really don't know what to say.23rd of December, I got my schedule; duty on Christmas Eve. According to his 'life plan', he has a flight on that same day. Since both our family's are away from us, we decided to celebrate Christmas Eve together. 24th of December his flight was cancelled so he can still go home to his family to spend Christmas with them, but he opted to spent it with me. He didn't want me to spend Christmas alone . aww... sweetness! :)

New Years Eve falls on my rest day, unfortunately he has a flight. In return, I didn't go home, and spent New Years Eve with him. We welcomed the new year by partying at Rockwell. It was new year, I was full of hope, life and love. 
That's what I think...

And then, something happened... One day, he sent me a text message. "you were always there when i faked the tears, you were always there when i faked the pain, you were always there when i faked my sadness, but why you didn't catch me i didn't faked the fall?" I didn't know how to respond to this kind of message, I asked him what does it mean. But he said,' just shrugged it off'.

I can't take it anymore, I told him a story about a guy a really liked. It was like giving him a clue about us. I said that I really liked a certain guy but he's giving me mixed signals, sometimes he would treat me like a friend, other times he would treat like a girlfriend. And then he responded, 'do i know him?', 'is he close to me?'. Stupid me, I said it was someone he didn't know because I was too embarrassed to admit that HE WAS THE ONE! We never talked about it anymore.

Then, I noticed some change. The nightly visits became weekly, then it became once a month. We still talk whenever we see each other at the airport but that's about it. 
Later, I learned that he moved to a new apartment, a bit far from my place. And I was assigned to a different airline, this means I'll be 
moving to a different airport, no chance to see him anymore. Every once in a while, he'd still send me text messages, and sometimes we would still meet.

Lesson learned:
NO GUTS, NO GLORY!  If I have just voiced out what I really feel for him, then I would not be dwelling on this 'what if' scenarios.

As for me, I think he is the ONE..... The ONE that GOT AWAY!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

on my wish list

I'm a self confessed photo addict. I'd like to take photos and I'm really fascinated with photography. Capturing the beauty of life, things, nature, etc., And so for my christmas wish, this 400d canon camera, tops my list. I'm starting to save up or maybe I'll just write to santa and ask for this. hehe! Hopefully, next year I'll be busy taking photos.

heypi birthday!

Happy birthday!!!
To those who greeted me on my birthday, Thank you very much!!! I love you all! To my family, Thank you for everything! To my extended family in clark; mga bolangs, Thank you! To my high school friends, Thanks for the greeting, its been 10 years since we parted but still you all remembered, my macro friends, even if we haven't seen each other for quite awhile, Thanks for remembering, my college barkada Thanks for being there always, as in ALWAYS! To all my friends...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I thank God for this wonderful blessing... having lived a good life for 27 years. My deepest gratitude to all of you!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here are the pictures from last night's so-called reunion. I really had fun! Till next time. I'll always cherish our friendship.

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"My friends are my estate."- Emily Dickinson

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together"- Woodrow Wilson

silly grin

My mom woke me up around 10am, I had a phone call. Surprised, I'm not expecting any call during my rest day. I lazily got up from my bed, and grumpily picked up the phone. I was really shocked, hearing a familiar voice on the other end. A long lost close friend called though we just had a brief conversation, I had this silly smile across my face the whole afternoon. Thanks for making me smile... you know who you are.

When I signed in on my YM, another long lost friend was online! wow! This is totally my day! We talked for only half an hour but it was worth it. Feels good to re-connect with old friends.

I think this day is a day of celebrating friendships. I also met my friends from highschool earlier this evening. Though only few have showed up it was really fun reminiscing all our crazy antics, those terror teachers, embarassing and memorable moments. Funny, its been 10 years since we have graduated but some of us can vividly recall those colorful events that had happened. Looking forward to our next reunion.

I know I'll have a goodnight sleep tonight with a silly grin on my face.....

Monday, October 15, 2007

the makings of a wanderlust

wan·der·lust (wŏn'dər-lŭst')

n. A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel

German : wandern, to wander (from Middle High German) + Lust, desire (from Middle High German, from Old High German; see las- in Indo-European roots).]

Wanderlust, that's me! That's how my friends describe me. Sometimes I wonder was I born this way? Does it run in the family? Or environment taught me to be a wanderlust? I guess a lil' bit of all.

Born and grew up in Metro Manila, transferred to Visayas for my primary education, half of my elementary years were spent up north in Tuguegarao, Cagayan then we went back to Metro Manila to continue my education. Not until early 2006, that I left the Metro to go Pampanga because of my work... and as they say the rest is history.

During childhood days, I was this 'cute adorable kid' that some of our neighbors would 'borrow' me. And my parents gladly 'lends' me to them because at that time we don't have a nanny to look over me. I would go to different places, malls, churches, markets, school grounds, almost anywhere. Maybe, this somewhat influence me to explore and travel.

Does it run in the family?! I really think so too! On my mother's side, my grandma and grandpa came from Pampanga and Nueva Ecija. When they got married, they settled further up north, in Isabela, Cagayan. And then moved again to the city (Tuguegarao) permanently.

On my father's side, my aunt, her eldest sister was also a wanderlust! hmmm... my given name was taken my from aunts'. Is that coincidence or what?! My grandma and my aunt together travelled the world, from Asia to Australia to Europe. Wish I can visit also those places too. *wink*

So maybe, I was really born to be a wanderlust. That I inherited the "wanderlust DNA" from both paternal and maternal sides. Or perhaps, environment played a factor too; people influenced me to wander about. Or maybe just maybe, this curious streak inside me drives me to explore and discover the world.

Whatever it is, I'm currently planning my next adventure trip!

I'll never stop being a wanderlust.  See yah!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

here goes nothing...

Whew! This is tough. I have written a few blogs but not on a regular basis, less than 5, I think. I have decided that I will try to write blogs regularly.  So here goes nothing... hehe!