Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A decades recap

Year 2000 was unforgettable. A lot of firsts had happened during that time. Here's a look back on the past decade; my exhilarating, exciting and tumultuous life at 20.

believed it or not, I had my first love that year  (late bloomer much?!). I was full of hope, full of life, ready to take on the world.

bid  college goodbye. I was excited and scared at the same to get 'out there' in the real world. I had my first job, (at a financial institution) not the field I wanted to be in when I graduate. I haven't figured out where I was headed.

had my first heartbreak.  :( and finally landed on the job I always dreamt of. I  started working at the airport as ground stewardess and slowly making a career. I guess you can't have it all.

I became independent. Moved out from the comforts of our house and lived at the other side of the metro. It was daunting at first, but it was a liberating experience as well. That same year, I harvested the rewards of my hard labor; first out of the country tour with my barkada.

Along with the perks of my work are the downsides. One of it, is working on holidays like Christmas, New Year, Holy Week and the likes. It was my first Christmas/ New year without my family. I was welcoming the new year at the airport ramp, meeting families that were going home to celebrate holidays with their loved ones; when everybody else is on holiday mood,  I'm on duty, double time.

Quit my job at the airport coz I didn't see any growth in my professional life. Tried various jobs but I learned that you'll always go back to the one you love. I got an offer from a sister company of a big European carrier. I was a travel coordinator, my primary duty is to arrange travel documents of the employees'. I was running from one embassy to another, re booking flights, making hotel arrangements among other things.  Money does not equate to happiness, sure the pay is higher than my measly salary at the airport but that office job is not my cup of tea. I can choose to be practical and be miserable or I can be happy and penniless. :) And so, after 6 months (of office work) I handed my resignation. 

Good news come to those who wait, got a call from an airline company and I was accepted to work as a ground stewardess aka ground staff. On top of that I'm a direct hire which means I'm not under a ground handling company, (an agency that provides ground stewardess/steward and other ground personnel to airlines) which equates to a decent pay and travel perks. Brought independence in a whole new level, I moved out of the metro and left my comfort zone. This time, I have to pack my bags and move to Pampanga. 

I think this was the year that I became full blown travel bug. I also got interested in blogging thus I started to chronicle my life's journey through this blog. I also spurred interest in photography.

Learned how to swim, its never too late to try something new. And after all those hard work, I was able to save up and let my family experience the joys of traveling. It is our first international travel as a family. We visited Mickey  Mouse in Hong Kong, experienced eating egg tarts in Macao and see the mighty Petronas. As for my career, I have to face the most difficult decision of my professional life. When you're made to choose between power or principle, what would you do? I'm sure I made the right decision coz I can walk with my head held up high. I learned a lot that year, I discovered that I am 'strong', I was able to stand up to those 'bullies'. And I can overcome all those adversities with the help of my family, it also helped me strengthen my faith in Him.

This year, I blew up all my savings (as if I have one). Ha ha! most part of 2009, I was travelling. I'm a travel junkie!  I went to Bohol; Guangzhou, China and Cambodia. I get a different high when I travel. Meeting different people, experiencing new culture, sampling different dishes brings joy to me!  and a little misadventure on the side spices everything up. Also brought my 1st DSLR cam to document my travels and to practice my shooting skills. (skills?! am just kidding about the skills thing) he he!

2010 rolled out slow for me. I jump started my 2010 on Chinese New Year (14 Feb2010) by exploring Northern Part of the Philippines. Travel always get me started and hyped. :) I also celebrated 3 decades of my life here on earth! 3 decades?!? Yes, I'm that young. 30 and thriving! I was able to ticked 2 activities on my bucket list (1) crawl inside Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam; (2) try zip lining. Last year was also made for goodbyes. December of 2010, a 'friend' said his farewell to me. One of the most difficult thing to overcome that year. It was like giving up 5-6 years of my daily life. I have to slowly unlearn some of my habits; like chatting, constantly awaiting for his updates, mostly of things about him and me.  If anything came good out if it, I'm free. But still, everyday is a struggle but I'll get by, one day at a time.

The past decade  have its highlights and some lowlights. This is what life is made of, we have to deal what it throws at us and just hope for the best.

I'm ready to face another decade of challenges, struggles, triumphs, dreams and accomplishments. This is how I roll. Let's get it on! :) \m/

Sunday, January 9, 2011

finishing strong

A new year marks the beginning, the beginning of everything. a fresh start, a clean slate, new promises, new dreams, a chance to correct whats wrong or to start over; that's why resolutions are the 'in' thing during new year. 

For 2011, I have only 1 resolution and that is to finish strong. The zeal and passion that got me started (in doing what I will do) this year will still be there till I achieve my goal. 

It is my prayer to be able to finish strong. I may falter along the way but I pray that HE will give me strenght to overcome obstacles, wisdom to discern the right path, may HE guide me all my days. 

So, here's to a new year! Cheers! Be the best you can be! :) God Bless us all!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Better not bitter

Despite everything that had happened a last month, I can say that I continue to look at the bright side of things. Its high time to let go. I've been holding on for too long, letting opportunities pass by.

I can't force someone to stay if they didn't want to. I'm letting go and letting  God. I'm moving on. I will be better and not bitter.

Praying for a blessed new year ahead.

It's all right, I'm O.K.,
I think God can explain,
I believe I’m the same,
I get carried away
It's alright, I'm O.K.,

I think God can explain
I'm relieved, I'm relaxed,
I'll get over it yet,

I'm so much better than you guessed,
I'm so much bigger than you guessed,
I'm so much brighter than you guessed.

It's alright, I'm O.K.,
I think God can explain
I'm relieved, I'm relaxed,
I'll get off of your back,

I think God can explain.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


How many times can I break till I shatter?
Over the line can't define what I'm after
I always turn the car around
Give me a break let me make my own pattern
All that it takes is some time but I'm shattered
I always turn the car around