Friday, April 24, 2009

the 7000 mistake

i made a stupid mistake yesterday! a costly mistake...i overlooked the passport validity of one of the passengers. and now, i have to pay the price for that oversight. damn! stupid!

i could blame the stupid boarding pass (b/p) printer for stressing me out! because it would not print the freakin' b/p unless i hold on to the cable everytime i print. and my colleagues b/p printer isnt working at all! so she needs me to print her b/p too! then...the laptop i'm using would stop at the middle of the check-in process. so i have to open a new window and start all over! WHY DO I HAVE TO TAKE ALL THE FREAKIN CRAP!?! (this is me ranting!)

i could blame all those circumtances for my mistake but NO! i was the one who checked the passports. so i'm the one to blame. maybe its a reminder....maybe i have become complacent and this is a wake up call. *sigh*

things like these...usually happen a few days before i go on vacation. lesson learned: FOCUS! whatever happens...FOCUS on the job at hand.

Monday, April 20, 2009

fickle minded traveler

26 the result of another 'do-you-wanna-go-somewhere-this-summer?'... a spur of the moment question about a wanderlust, how can i resist that...without even thinkin' if i have enough reply was yes, followed by where are we going?!

at first, we want to see Vietnam...still undecided if we're going to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh...after a week of searching for flights...we dropped the idea of Vietnam. Next target destination was Bangkok and Phuket then also abandoned the idea because i've been to BKK and i'm reserving Phuket for someone else. (yihee!) Bali was next on the list but we also cancelled the idea due to conflicting flight schedules. Then, Bangkok-Phonm Penh-Siem Reap idea was born...but as we researched...the BKK-PNH route by air is really expensive for a 45-min plane travel is time consuming (it would be a great adventure, i would like to experience)...but as i've read from pther travellers review there are alot of scams ongoing at the border control both in Thailand and Cambodia...and road conditions are really BKK-PNH-REP was scrapped!

out of all these places...we finally settled for Siem Reap, Cambodia to see the majestic Angkor Wat.

the date is set...26 april i'll be flying to KL and stay overnight. Then 27 April...Hello, Angkor Wat!

any plans to travel this month?! stay safe everyone! happy travellin'!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


for years...i'm in denial...that i love...and care for you. i've said countless times that you're always been special to me.

whenever friends tease me about you...i tell them you're special to me (coz you really are!) fascinate me...i tell them that maybe this is just curiosity gets the better of me...that's why im drawn to you.

sure there are some guys that make my knees weak and have my heart skipped a beat...i've kept convincing myself and my friends that those were the guys i'd like to end up with. true, my knees don't get weak nor my heart skipped a beat when i'm with you...maybe because i'm comfortable with you around...i can be who i am...

i sure can 'fool' my friends...but not feelings betrayed me... i do long for hear talk to be with you..THEN it finally sunk in...i do care...i do love...Its always been YOU!

*this is me being cheesy! wahaha!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


*this song is a work of a dear friend of can check out his band's website and

tell me what do you think about the song. thanks!

Daydreamer - <


You'll see her smile through her lovely round eyes
She has high hopes that never dies
She can create a world of her own
Where anytime she can always go

Stare at the Bright side
Its time to close your eyes

Dream away
In the middle of the day
Escape from what's real
And to the wounds that never heal
Dream away....

She puts herself in beautiful dresses
So she can read the sky in different places
She'll just go away in an instant
Yet still feel her through a distance

All rights reserved 2007

Friday, April 10, 2009

good friday

today, we celebrate Good Friday. Philippines is a Christian country, Holy Week is a much awaited event. for some it's the time to reflect, for others its the time to unwind and for me, its time to work hard.

since most are in vacation mode, and almost all our flights are full, we need to double our efforts. peak season is here. a very tiring week for us.

for the longest time...eversince i started working in the airline almost always on duty. i can't remember when was the last time i had a vacation during Lenten Season. hopefully, next year, i can have a vacay! yahoo!

this is the last time i had a vacation during holy week...just kidding! ehehe!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

curly tops

im known to have a wavy hair...and now, here's my never before seen and never-again-will-i-curl-my-short-hair moment. i was doing some cleaning and i saw this pic. ugh..the things you'll discover when you don't have anything to do during the Holy Week.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

battle of the brainless: AKCRK style

location:  Restaurant

quiz master: colleague

brainless contestant #1: Law
brainless contestant #2: Josh
brainless contestant #3: Mimi
brainless contestant #4: Gail

*imaginin nyo kung gano ka-eager sumagot un mga Brainless Contestant sa Tropang Trumpo dati! ganun na ganun kame ka eager makasagot dito!

quiz master: may kamukha si Law na artista ...

brainless contestant #2 (BC2) : kuya, medyo may hawig ka nga kay jericho...dati cabin crew na nagsasabi noh?!

BC3 at BC4 nagpipigil ng tawa...

QM: yuck, di noh. nagsisimula sa letter 'B'. parang may 'boy' pa nga sa name un eh.
BC1: daBOY?!
QM: hinde!
BC3: BOY2 Quizon?!
QM: hinde
BC3: BOY Adunda?!
QM: hinde
BC4: BiBOY Ramirez?!
QM: hinde!

* at this point... nag isip talaga kame kun sino kamukha ni Law...kahit si Law napapaisip ng malalim...kaya hinde na namen sinunod un clue nya na 'boy'...

BC1: Tony Ferrer (since un naman palagi sinasabi na kamukha ni Lawrence)
Dante Varona!!!
BC3: Ritchie 'd Horsie?!
BC2: Dolphy

QM: hinde...mas bata!
BC3: Santino! (hala, mimi may maisagot lang...literal na bata ang naisip mo!)

QM: hinde...nun namatay si Rico Yan...basta kaibigan ni Rico...
*on a rampage ang pagsagot namen...medyo familiar kame kay Rico Yan
BC1: Dominic Ochoa!
BC2: Marvin Agustin!
QM: hinde!
BC3: Jolina Magdangal!
Claudine Barreto! (kung sino sino na lang...)
Raymart Santiago
BC1: KC-lyn Francisco! (unkatin ba ang That's Entertainment Days, law?!)
Chuckie Dreyfuss?!
BC3: RR Herrera
Cathlyn GO Quieng (mimi, EH kasi Bata?!...buti di mo sinama si Lady Lee at LA!)

QM: hinde! naging BF ni Geneva Cruz!
BC1: Paco Arespacochaga! (sabay kuha nun mga straw at ginawang drumsticks at kumanta... Heaven knows I've done no wrong...)
QM: mali!!!
BC2: KC Montero?! (tuwa nanaman si Law kase gwapo kamukha nya!)
BC3: Heaven?! (mimi, stop!)

*after nun kay Paco...hinde na ko sumasagot kase tawa na ko tawa....naiyak na ko sa kakatawa! hinde ko na kinaya mag-isip! bilib ako sa tyaga at enthusiasm nila sagutin ang mystery question ni QM.

QM: hinde! sikat na komedyante!
BC1: AiAi Delas Alas?!
QM: hinde! lalaki!
BC3: Vhong Navarro!
QM: ayun! BOY NAVARRO!!!
BC3: sana sinabi mo na lang...3-in-1 plus 1 happy kaarawan! (bagong commercial ni Vhong!)

*mas lalo ko tumawa...masakit na tyan at puso ko sa kakatawa nito! pwamis!

akalain mo...nalink pala si Geneva kay Vhong Navarro..este BOY Navarro! tsaka close friend pala ni Rico Yan si BOY Navarro!!! inside scoop ito!!! never been told showboz chismis...

lupet mo Quiz Master...

*mapa-isip pa pala si QM...sabe nya: Paco?! Paco ano na nga apelyido nun...Paco Pagodchaga?!

winner ka talaga, Quiz Master!!!

*kala ko tapos na ...meron pa pala pahabol!

QM: nun isang araw nag CR ako...sabe nun isang girl may kamukha daw ako artista...Tomo daw ang name.

BC3: RA Tomo?! [name nun suki nameng travel agency] (mimi, please stop!)
BC1: Tomo?!

QM: Riki ata un name
BC1: Riki Moto?!
QM: Tomo ba o Moto?!
BC1: Riki Moto?! baka Iwa Moto!
QM: un nga! Sino un?!

*ay....QM!!! wala na talaga ko masabi! wahaha!

*ayaw paawat ni QM...

QM: May kamukha ka pa talaga law... si Atong Revilla!
BC3: baka Atong Redillas!

*hay....isang gabi lang lahat nangyari ito ay isang true to life story....walang script...totally spontaneous...sabe nga ni Mimi...ate, akala ko sa gag show nangyayari ito! sa totoong buhay din pala!