Friday, April 24, 2009

the 7000 mistake

i made a stupid mistake yesterday! a costly mistake...i overlooked the passport validity of one of the passengers. and now, i have to pay the price for that oversight. damn! stupid!

i could blame the stupid boarding pass (b/p) printer for stressing me out! because it would not print the freakin' b/p unless i hold on to the cable everytime i print. and my colleagues b/p printer isnt working at all! so she needs me to print her b/p too! then...the laptop i'm using would stop at the middle of the check-in process. so i have to open a new window and start all over! WHY DO I HAVE TO TAKE ALL THE FREAKIN CRAP!?! (this is me ranting!)

i could blame all those circumtances for my mistake but NO! i was the one who checked the passports. so i'm the one to blame. maybe its a reminder....maybe i have become complacent and this is a wake up call. *sigh*

things like these...usually happen a few days before i go on vacation. lesson learned: FOCUS! whatever happens...FOCUS on the job at hand.

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