Saturday, May 2, 2009

i'm back

i just got back from my 8-day KL-Siem Reap escapade. i have loads of interesting stories, lessons and photos. i'll also introduce you to yandre (yan-drei), my new baby! wehehe! but for now, i gotta sleep first because tomorrow im back to work.

first things first, i'll finish my bohol day 2-4 blog, then the KL-Siem Reap escapade.
stay tuned.


Askmewhats said... went back to KL again??? WOW!! Jetsetter ka talaga!!!

gaiLie said...

yep,i went back to my second home :) but it's just a transit point because i went to Siem Reap,Cambodia and see to majestic Angkor Wat. i'll post the pics soon...probably on my rest day.

guess what?! i bought a DSLR! yahooo!!!!