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DAY 2: Tales From Bohol - 16 Places

this post is way overdue... sorry for late posting. the post DAY 1: eastpak's and naf's version was my 1st attempt to write in 3rd persons point of view. i had a hard time doing that post. i really admire writers/authors for their great imagination and skills.

anyway, here's: DAY 2: Tales from Bohol: 16 Places

we woke up early because our driver/tour guide is going to pick us up at 0730 to kick start our adventure for the day...since we weren't able to eat breakfast on our way to our 1st destination...we stopped by McDo and bought foods which we ate inside the van.

1st destination: HINAGDANAN CAVE

the cave derived its name from the word hagdan/hagdanan meaning stairs. to see the cave you have to go down to a small opening on the ground. once inside you'll see stalagmites and stalagtites, also there are alot of bats. be careful, steps are quite slippery. you can take a dip on the cold fresh water inside the cave which is about 13 meters deep.

L-R: Jackson, Jeff, Jana, Jodi, Janet, Mayen (partially hidden), Inang, Gailie, Berna and Bogart


you have to go down to atleast 100 steps to see this falls. going down is easy...coming back up is another story. the cold clean fresh water was inviting me to take a dip. i wanted to but i dont have spare clothes with me and we just started the trip. 14 more places to go.... i cannot go swimming, maybe next time.

same cast...different pose. ehehe!

3rd and 4th stop: BLOOD COMPACT SITE: OLD and NEW

Blood Compact site is a historical place. Blood Comapct is a ritual where two people drink each other's blood as part of a native custom to seal a friendship, a pact or treaty, or to validate an agreement.

The Old site has a marker erected to inform the public that it is the place where the Blood Compact took place.

jackson presents the Old Blood Compact Site

The New Blood Compact site which is a few meters away from the Old Site is a sculpture depicting the ritual between the Spanish king conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Filipino native of Bohol, Datu Sikatuna.

with college friends, Back: Berna and Bambi, Front: Mayen and Janet, with Janet's daughter Jodi


Baclayon Church is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines. Constructed in 1595 by the Jesuit priests.

facade of Baclayon Church

inside Baclayon Church


since its lunch time. we had lunch while cruising the Loboc river. it is an eat-all-you-can Filipino buffet. there's a local band playing Filipino folk songs. we also made a stop by a small stage at the edge of the river. there are female folk dancers showcasing Filipino folk dances.

chow time

folk dancers


Philippine tarsiers are found in Bohol. They have huge eyes which are fixed in its skull; they cannot turn in their sockets. These huge eyes provide this nocturnal animal with excellent night vision. This is just near Loboc river.

me and the tarsier

Philippine Tarsier


the driver/tour guide brought us to this place with tall huge trees...which they aptly call Man Made Forest... a few decades ago, Boholanos scattered Mahogany seeds on this land (not sure though....or was it Narra seeds). These towering trees are so nice to look at the same time it gives you an eerie feeling. hehe!

long and winding road towards the forest

berna and gailie


Who would miss out Chocolate Hills on their visit to Bohol? Chocolate Hills are synonymous to Bohol. These magnificent natural wonder is a sight to behold. its like huge choco chips scattered all over the place.

want some chocolate hill?! :P


its just another hanging bridge but for us who lived in the city its not everyday we get to see these things. as i was crossing bridge, my slippers 'naf' got stuck in between the woods that made up the 'floor' of the bridge. i pulled 'naf' quickly, i got a little worried... i might go home with just 1 flipflop. at the other side of the bridge are stalls of souvenir shops selling anything from beads to magnets to bracelets and other native handicrafts. be sure to haggle, alright!

gailie, jackson, jeff and bambi (mayen and berna got scared so they didn't come with us)


another Old Church with a musuem inside but we weren't able to go due to time constraints. we just snapped a few shots while others waited inside the van.

Berna just outside Loboc Church


It an old house with antiques and pearl jewelry sold on ground floor. i wasn't able to go upstairs... again due to time constraint.

take me back in time....

black and white effect


the python place is quite disappointing. its a private house which they converted the backyard into a 'mini zoo'. the owner of the house apparently discovered a python and kept it captive for decades.

prony the python


we pass by this church and decided to take photos while others just stayed in the van. inside the church, at the altar steps, hidden, is a well. no idea how and why there was a well in that place. the one at the altar just showed us the well but not really explained the details why it was there.


i had a nice time there... i learn more about many interesting facts. and the entrance fee is very cheap, 20php!


16th: BEE FARM

last stop is the Bee Farm. we got there around 1800, and its already close. too bad! we just visited the Bee Farm souvenir shop and bought some organic foods as a souvenir. you gotta try the pesto spread. its a must!

end of tiring DAY 2! but it was worth it, we reached the resort around 1830, just in time for dinner.

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