Thursday, February 28, 2008

chapped lips

im currently in macau right now... with chapped lips, dry skin, and having skin allergy attacks because of the weather. its10 degrees celcius in here... nothing much to do here but to walk, its really hard to communicate, good thing JR was here to interpret things... earlier, we went to zhuhai, border of china and macau, it was a shopping paradise. everythings almost half the price if you compare it with the prices in greenhills or even divisoria!

anyway, i'll upload pictures as soon as i arrive in manila... meanwhile, i gotta go because the free internet use in this hotel is just 15 mins and my free time is almost up! see you all soon!

Friday, February 22, 2008

i miss....

after talking to annkat (a few minutes ago) , we've realized that dame pala namen namimiss sa pagwork sa NAIA....reminiscin'

*long drive to tagaytay after flight
*chismisan before/during/after flight *piccolo's hungrian hotdog with egg and rice, our typical brunch
*text twist sa office computer (with matching pananaranta ni JR, infairness wala pang nakabeat score naten! yey!)
*hangaroo sa office computer pa rin (are you stupid or something!?!)
*buco salad na ice candy
*ate gina and mga tinda nyang sandals at kung anu-ano pa
*mang jumbo while saying "show your boarding pass please!"
*john! with his sarcastic hirits to *mahal*
*pagbili chitchirya sa may handicraft store
*kunwari nag CIQ pero tumitingin perfumes sa duty free
*pag nenok candies sa lounge
*saying "dont step" kahit na nasa office na
*ciempwe, di mawawala mga pasaway na pax na excess bge
*mag profile ng pax na pag nadetect mo fraud docs may instant 1k ka sa macwo. yahoo!
*boy/girl watching/people watching sa ledge
*pagpapa time in kay early bird will pag malapit nang malate
*babawi naman si will sa pagpapa out ng time card kase maaga cia uuwi
*kunwari nakikinig sa briefing pero hinde naman talaga

***ciempre, pinaka nakakamiss ung mga taong kasama ko gumagawa ng mga kalokohang yan! i wish makumpleto na tayo para makapagkita kitz na ulet.

Monday, February 18, 2008

wrong move

ever made a decision without thinking about the consequences because you thought it wasnt a biggie?! later you realize that you're already trapped and that you cant bail out... me?! i did that mistake too.

and now, im suffering because of that. and lately, even the smallest things can get pretty annoying. and you cant do anything about it but just to live with it.

oh well, that's life. you win some, you lose some.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

young love

in the spirit of v-day, mimi and i recalled some stupid things we did in the name of love. (this was when we were still young, foolish and naive).

1. just a mere sight of your crush(es) house, gate, door, car or anything that would remind you of your crush makes you go crazy.

2. the paper or any 'thing' that he gave to you is definitely worth keeping...

3. then there's the food... the sandwich, biscuits,snacks that he freely offer and gave you... it is called the 'love sandwich', 'love biscuits' or the love food in short... (hehe)

4. practicing how to write your new surname thinking you'll end up being his wife (wishful thinking)

ugh... young love... i wish it was that simple now!