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Gailie's Day off Series: Anawangin, Zambales

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Gailie's Day off Series: Anawangin, Zambales

Part 3: 

Night Time

Problem #1 : no light on shower stalls

As soon as we arrived at the campsite, we head to the shower area and take advantage of the light the setting sun brought. Problem #1 solved! 

Problem #2 : Light for dinner

Now, time for dinner. The problem with cooking rice and spam was resolved earlier that day. Our second problem was light, I had the flashlight in mind but in a hurry to meet Mina and AnnKat, I left it at the apartment. The ever reliable girl scout that she is, Mina brought a penlight and a whistle. We were laughing so hard with Mina's whistle but come to think of it a whistle would be handy in case of emergency. As Mina said, she had been to several camping trips, so she's prepared. Wahaha! Problem #2 solved!


Problem #3 : No utensils.

Dinner is served. The plate that was used to served the spam was used by AnnKat/Unna as their dinner plate. We transferred the spam to a foil wrapper of Chips Ahoy. Wahaha! Talk about being resourceful. Then the cover of the pan as our plate (Mina and I). We can't scoop out the steaming hot rice with our bare hands so we make use of the plastic divider of the cookie. Bright idea right?! Eating dinner with no utensils: SOLVED! 


Problem #4 : Pillows/Mattresses

Bags as pillows
My towel as bed sheet
My sarong as kumot
Mina has a sweater to keep her warm during the night

Problem solved! Word of the night: Improvise! 

We hit the sack as early as 830pm too tired to talk, we just lay there and closed our eyes. A few minutes of silence inside the tent, we collectively expressed disappointment over how hot it is. Not to worry the girlscout has a fan! Prepared for all kinds of weather. A sweater for the cold and a fan to beat the heat! Veteran camper talaga! wahaha! To let the air in we just let the entrance of our tent open. Passersby can see us from the outside but we didn't care we want air to come in. Still its hot and humid inside. I didn't know but we all fell asleep to be awaken by rain. We're so glad that it rained thinking it would make the tent a little colder but still its humid. We just closed our eyes and prayed for a miracle. 

The morning after

We survived a humid night! Wow! We made it! Wahaha! Surprisingly, we didn't have mosquito bites but AnnKat and I had a few insect bites in our arms and legs. Oh well... we still made it! Had a good laugh about the things that happened last night. Up until now we can't stop teasing Mina and her sweater.

After a quick breakfast, we set out for Capones Island.

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