Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gailie's Day off Series: Anawangin, Zambales

Part 2:

With life vests on, we braved the sea. 

The waters were clear, so clear that you see the bottom. On route to Anawangin, we passed by big mountainous rocks. It was breathtaking.

After the 45mins boatride, we've finally reached our destination; Anawangin. Fine gray sands greeted us as we docked; oh bummer! I was expecting white sand beach but not to worry the water is clean and clear that the sand didn't matter at all.

Kuya boatman, set up our tent and we discussed the schedule for next day. Pick up time is 7am for us to see Capones island before going home.

When we finally settled and had our things arranged, we found a swing and hammock by just a few steps from our tent. Like children we were excited to play and relax by the hammock. 

After giving in to our childish whims we set off to explore the island. We went beyond the camping area and discovered a river which we crossed. 

There was a lush vegetation and to our surprise another river. We call it the spa river. The water is shallow and you can see big smooth rocks which gives that spa vibe. wahaha! :) 

AnnKat was looking for another river which she saw in the internet. Told her that I think this was the river she was talking about but she insist that it was different from what she saw. Still determined to see that river we went to the far left side of the shore. With AnnKat's persuasion we climb the steep hill, one misstep and we will fall on the rocks by the sea. It was all worth it because the view was spectacular.

At last AnnKat found the river she was looking for it can only be seen from a high place. We can't go further up because Mina and I got scared. The path was slippery and steep, we assessed that it was to risky to try  to go up. And so we stopped and went down. Going back down was equally difficult that we had to sit to avoid slipping. 

After that risky trek, we found our spot. Its where the river meets the sea... we stayed there till the sun sets. Another beautiful scene to witness. 

where the river flows toward the sea and the sea meets the river with its waves.

Before the island is engulfed in darkness, we went back to the campsite to shower and get ready for the night.
Ah... night time, where the fun misadventures started!

to be continued... 

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