Wednesday, December 31, 2008


im in ZOMBIE mode...

26 dec - work AGAIN after 1 day rest
full load flights
flight delay, arrived in QC around 1130pm

27 dec - extra flight, all full load
flight delay, arrived at the apartment 1245am

28 dec - full load flights
arrived in QC, 1130pm

29 dec - full load flights
arrived in QC , 1045pm

30 dec - extra flight, all full load
arrived QC, 0130am

with all those full load flights, stress and fatigue are catching up, also dealing with some 'difficult' guests are all adding up to my worry lines.

traveling from QC to Pampanga everyday?! who wouldn't be in ZOMBIE mode! i'm bracing for more ZOMBIE episodes in January! im telling my colleagues that we should overdose ourselves with stresstabs ( stress reliever meds). just kiddin', but it might help! wahaha!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


it's been a month since i haven't slept at my apartment and yesterday i had no option but to sleep there. i don't come home to my apartment anymore because i'm not comfortable dealing and living with one of my housemates. eversince hell week began, i haven't step foot on that house.

yesterday, flight was delayed. we finish our reports around 12am, if i would go home to QC, it will take me 2 hours to reach home (without traffic). then by 545am, i should have left our house to be able to report on time. so, the most logical thing to do is to sleep at my apartment.

the first thing i did as i entered the apartment was to check out my bed. there i saw my things... my notebook and loose papers, my devotions, bible and my journal... after 1 month of absence, i realize i miss my bed, my pile of books, my little trinkets from traveling, my loose papers wherein i write my thoughts, my colored pens and pastels for my doodling and lil' drawings. ugh! i miss everything! haven't got the chance to do it these days!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

heart warmer

*never the grammar, it's the thought that counts! wehehe

i received this christmas card from the child i've sponsored through world vision. my heart swells with joy knowing i can make a difference in a childs' future, that i can help her in my small way. i hope that she'll grow up to be a fine lady someday and that she'll be able to help her family, and share her blessings to the community and country.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

grumpy gaiLie

please bear with me...gaiLie's a bit grumpy this past's the time of the month know, blame my raging hormones! i try my best not to get pissed on trivial things, but i can't help it, sometimes i snapped! sorry! :( it will pass... a couple more days, then i'll be back to old cheerful gaiLie!

Friday, December 19, 2008


as i was busy browsing through the net for some trivial things, 2 unexpected person buzzed me. one was quite annoying (for reference sake let's call him, cowabunga) and the other one was a surprise. i was annoyed with cowabunga because he's always making me his information counter, as if i'm at his disposal, that whenever he needs info about something he would get in touch. should i be flattered?! hell NO! i am really pissed.

moving on to the second person who buzzed me... he's sumkinda like a stalker. we were never introduced formally and we never talked in person.. before, he requested for an add up as a friend in one of my social network account. he explained that he always see me at the airport but never got the chance to come up to me and introduce himself. sometimes we would cross each others path without me noticing it was him. (oops, sorry!) anyway, after 3 years of not 'seeing' him, he just found me again, in my new social network account. he saw that i was online and we talked for a few minutes.

it was a welcome diversion, aside from drowning myself in reading 'new moon' (twilight series book 2), it turned out OK... to chat with someone who didn't know my current struggles, battles and stress.

earlier today, someone told me about some 'things' that really got out of hand. i just dont wanna be affected, i dont want to care anymore, i dont wanna dwell on those false accusations. i dont want to feel anything.

this small talk somehow made me preoccupied and i didn't care for atleast 10 minutes... a good 10 minutes at that! mostly the conversation was dominated by him, asking questions answerable by short yes or no which is good atleast i didn't divulge any personal stuff with him.

Friday, December 12, 2008

child at heart

eversince PSP was introduced, i never showed any interest in it. i would rather play the nintendo family computer than PSP. hehe! (you know, Mario Brothers, Contra, Kung-Fu and stuff.)

i think playing PSP is rather complicated, so many buttons to press, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, X and O; whereas the family computer has Left, Right, Up, Down only.

last night, i saw my uncle's PSP at the living room. curious, i picked it up and began fidgeting with the gadget. the games in his PSP were Simpsons, Silent Hill, NBA Live 09 and Iron Man. i chose NBA Live because i always see my dad playing it on our PC.

after 2 minutes of trying to figure out how to start the game (yes, 2 minutes!!! i told you i don't know this stuff). i choose playoff match, Lakers vs. Celtics. I didn't know which button to use if i want to shoot, pass, etc., etc. my little brother ( 9-yr old kid) taught me how to play it. and everytime i made a basket we would shout and cheer, we even raised our hands as if we were watching a live basketball game. my mother glared at us for being so noisy.

3 minutes of play, 10-6 in favor of Lakers,not bad for my 1st attempt. i kinda enjoyed it and understand it why my dad loved playing NBA. as we start the second quarter, the PSP shuts down, battery's empty. so much for my PSP experience. maybe next time, i'll try it again, if i ever see it at home.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

lovin' Edward

what's the hype about twilight? it's just another love story. i was torn between watching it or not. i'm curious about it but at the same time i don't want to watch it 'coz i might get sad. the curiosity in me won. so, last night i watched it with my sister in tow.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen has the most intense looking eyes. i could melt in his gaze (anytime!) awww.... surely if i'm Bella, i, too would easily fall in love with him.

when you can live forever, what do you live for?!

Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father. As a newbie in school, she was well received by her classmates. She sits next to Edward in class on her first day of school, Edward seems uncomfortable. He attempts to change his schedule to avoid her, and Bella was very much puzzled. After hearing much about the Cullens, she researched about a local myth, and concluded that Edward was a vampire. Edward reveals that he initially avoided Bella because the scent of her blood was so desirable. Over time, Edward and Bella fall in love.

the forbidden love affair between a mortal and a vampire starts... the rest, you need to watch or read it. wehehe!

some quotes from the movie:

  • Edward to Bella: you are my life now
  • Edward to Bella: i don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore
  • Bella to Edward: i dream about being with you forever
  • Bella to Edward: i'm only afraid of losing you

quotes i received from a friend about twilight hype...

* few reasons why a lot of girls love Edward...
rather than saying
... i love you... Edward would say, you are my life now!
... bye, see you later.... Edward would say, hurry back to me!
... i miss you... Edward would say, it's like you've taken half of myself with you!
...if you die, a normal guy would find another girl, Edward would kill himself coz life without you isn't worth living!

*i wish normal people have a heart that vampires do. once they fall in love, they NEVER fall out of love.

hay.... it's nice to fall in love again! [sigh]

some say they are disappointed with the movie. as for me, i'm cool with it. i think the book is even better, i might buy one and fall in love with Edward again.

when will MY Edward Anthony arrive?! soon, i hope!!!

unofficial off part 2

today is my unofficial off part 2. Filipino na lang gagamitin ko para konti lang makaintindi sa post na ito. wehehe!

medyo hirap ako ngayon pumasok. physical stress is catching up tapos yung emotional stress pa dumadagdag. medyo mayroon pa rin tension and sa tingin ko mahirap ng maibalik yung dating samahan. siguro in time, maibabalik din yun. sa ngayon, medyo nag uusap usap na mga tao. every day struggle pa rin para saken ang pagpunta dun. sana lang maging OK na lahat soon!

Friday, December 5, 2008


a friend of mine, gave me a cool link that checks your YM friends if they are offline or just in invisible mode. tried it a couple of times and it works! for me the downside side is finding out your friend is in invisible mode and you left a message, then they just ignored you which is totally uncool! :( hmmm.... maybe they are just busy....

kita kitz

makita lang kitang, may ngiti sa mata
makitang ok ka, ako ay okay na
makita lang kita, ako'y sumasaya
ang makapiling kita
ang makasama kita...
kita kitz, kita kitz sa McDo

know the song?! sounds familiar?!

McDo... not just my ordinary fastfood restaurant. this is where some of the happiest moment of my life took celebrating a victory on speech choir during highschool [whole section invaded Mcdo E. Rodriguez]; eating at Mc Donald's in KL, Macau and HK is like having a piece of home in an unfamiliar territory; cramming, reviewing and bonding with college friends [Mc Do Dapitan]; and lastly, spending time with that special someone, laughing till we cannot laugh anymore. hay...those were the days!

Mc Donald's HongKong with my family

Thursday, December 4, 2008

selfish me

naalala ko dati... may nagtanong saken, kung sino daw pipiliin ko... ang taong mahal ko or ung taong mahal ako. noong pagkakataon na yun ang sinagot ko... ang taong mahal ako! naisip ko matutunan ko rin naman siyang mahalin . ang selfish pala nun.

at pag nandun ka na sa sitwasyon na yun, hinde ka pala magiging masaya. sa simula, oo, masaya (pampered ka, spoiled, ikaw ang batas! wehehe!) pero hinde naman yun ang hinahanap ko, ayoko i-dominate ang relationship. tsaka hinde ganun kalubos ang mararamdaman mong saya.

meron din naman akong nararamdaman para sa kanya, may care pa rin naman. pero iba pa rin, iba yung care sa love, at hinde ko rin masabing siya na nga, eto na, siya na talaga. hirap kase mag workout ng isang relationship kung sa sarili mo hinde ka naniniwala na tatagal. ilang beses na rin ako nag attempt na tapusin na namen ung relationship pero ayaw nya pumayag. pinagpatuloy pa rin namen pero sa tingin ko... it's bound to happen... so bakit pa patatagalin ang lahat... hinde naman ako masaya at wala rin mabuting mangyayari kung mananatili kame sa ganitong realtionship. tsaka hinde rin fair sa kanya, nag invest siya ng love, effort and time pero hinde nya makukuha ung deserve nya.

kaya ayun, tinipon ko lahat ng lakas ko at nag usap kame. sinabi ko yung side ko, pinilit nyang intindihin kahit na ayaw nya. atleast malinaw na ang lahat... mahirap din gawin yun sa side ko kase pag down ako may tatakbuhan ako, may umintindi saken... all for my selfish reasons. so, i'd better cut it off now. sa ngayon, okay na kame.

from my 28 realizations:
7. i learn to let go of the person who loved me dearly because he doesn't deserve me... he deserved someone better... he got less on what he bargained for...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

backpack couple

on my way to work, i saw this couple... backpacking couple at that! somehow, it made me sad... i have passion for travel and i hope someday i would find that special person who would LOVE to go with me anywhere... together discovering the world...learning new culture as well as loving each others company. sharing your passion with the one you love is PRICELESS! [sigh]