Friday, December 12, 2008

child at heart

eversince PSP was introduced, i never showed any interest in it. i would rather play the nintendo family computer than PSP. hehe! (you know, Mario Brothers, Contra, Kung-Fu and stuff.)

i think playing PSP is rather complicated, so many buttons to press, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, X and O; whereas the family computer has Left, Right, Up, Down only.

last night, i saw my uncle's PSP at the living room. curious, i picked it up and began fidgeting with the gadget. the games in his PSP were Simpsons, Silent Hill, NBA Live 09 and Iron Man. i chose NBA Live because i always see my dad playing it on our PC.

after 2 minutes of trying to figure out how to start the game (yes, 2 minutes!!! i told you i don't know this stuff). i choose playoff match, Lakers vs. Celtics. I didn't know which button to use if i want to shoot, pass, etc., etc. my little brother ( 9-yr old kid) taught me how to play it. and everytime i made a basket we would shout and cheer, we even raised our hands as if we were watching a live basketball game. my mother glared at us for being so noisy.

3 minutes of play, 10-6 in favor of Lakers,not bad for my 1st attempt. i kinda enjoyed it and understand it why my dad loved playing NBA. as we start the second quarter, the PSP shuts down, battery's empty. so much for my PSP experience. maybe next time, i'll try it again, if i ever see it at home.


Askmewhats said...

I am addicted to PSP din! and come to think of it I'm not into games! :) see you Sunday!

gaiLie said...

wehehe! mga young at heart tayo eh! sunday, i'll try to be there. i have duty pa kase, i'll be leaving by 6pm, hopefully, i could make it in Makati. sana trinoma na lang kase...para mas malapit. huhuhu