Friday, December 19, 2008


as i was busy browsing through the net for some trivial things, 2 unexpected person buzzed me. one was quite annoying (for reference sake let's call him, cowabunga) and the other one was a surprise. i was annoyed with cowabunga because he's always making me his information counter, as if i'm at his disposal, that whenever he needs info about something he would get in touch. should i be flattered?! hell NO! i am really pissed.

moving on to the second person who buzzed me... he's sumkinda like a stalker. we were never introduced formally and we never talked in person.. before, he requested for an add up as a friend in one of my social network account. he explained that he always see me at the airport but never got the chance to come up to me and introduce himself. sometimes we would cross each others path without me noticing it was him. (oops, sorry!) anyway, after 3 years of not 'seeing' him, he just found me again, in my new social network account. he saw that i was online and we talked for a few minutes.

it was a welcome diversion, aside from drowning myself in reading 'new moon' (twilight series book 2), it turned out OK... to chat with someone who didn't know my current struggles, battles and stress.

earlier today, someone told me about some 'things' that really got out of hand. i just dont wanna be affected, i dont want to care anymore, i dont wanna dwell on those false accusations. i dont want to feel anything.

this small talk somehow made me preoccupied and i didn't care for atleast 10 minutes... a good 10 minutes at that! mostly the conversation was dominated by him, asking questions answerable by short yes or no which is good atleast i didn't divulge any personal stuff with him.

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