Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour 2009

where were you last night at 830?!

28 mar 2008, 830pm (philippine time) is Earth Hour. it's a global event wherein you have to switch off your lights and other electric appliances for 1 hour as a symbol to to save earth from global warming.
earth savers!

i informed my housemate that i'm planning to participate and convinced her to do the same. we plan to turn off our lights and our fans that evening. after work, we agreed to have our dinner at the mall and spend the rest of the evening at the apartment. we were so engrossed in our conversations that we forgot about the time. it's almost 830, as we were about to leave... the restaurant switched off their lights. they're also participating on the event! even the mall! so, we just stayed there and continued our chikas for the night. i also took photos to pass time.

here some of my shots...

it has begun...

after the 5 minute mark...

15 minutes...

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes had passed

so, what did you do last night?! i hope you did something to help the environment.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


gailie is pissed! bigtime!

>>i don't want to elaborate on the details...but i'm pissed with myself!<<

gailie's such a looser...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

future and uncertainty

i had a dream this morning about my lil brother... that he's all grown up and starting his life as a college student. and as for me, i have a son. what a dream?! i haven't been thinking about these things, and all of a sudden it popped up on my dreams. maybe i have tucked it away on my subconscious... and now it crept back to remind me...

the future and the uncertainty it brings make me scared and the same time hopeful. scared because one cannot predict what will happen.. to me? my family? 10 or 20 years from now, what will i become of? will these dreams come true? is it a prophecy or a warning perhaps? whatever it is... i choose to be hopeful... that my life will be fruitful as i dreamed it to be...that whatever happens...i'll always stare at the bright side of things...

as the song say...
But time still goes on
And through each life of misery
Everybody's got a HOLD on HOPE
It's the last thing that's holding me

Sunday, March 8, 2009

eheads fever

07 mar 2009, I witnessed a history. Eraserheads or Eheads, the country's rock icon held a concert on MOA's (Mall Of Asia) grounds to a crowd numbering to almost 100,000. The band reunited for a one night final concert after they disbanded last 2002. I was really really glad I was there last night. This is the band that I grew up with. Our dads/moms had elvis or beatles as their for me, Eraserheads are the band of my generation. So, I'm not missing this one-time concert!

history as it happens

after work, i immediately took the bus going to Manila. Inside the bus, I was praying that I could make it on time. Concert starts at 8pm... time check: 7pm, I'm still stuck along EDSA. At 8:30, Bogart, who's at the concert already informed me that it has started. I'm almost there...845pm, I arrived at MOA. I run as fast as I can to reach the agreed meeting place(Bogart's holding my ticket!). Frantic, panting and panicking all at the same time as i anxiously wait for Bogart. happened, my phone's battery went empty! there's no way i could get in touch with Bogart. Mimi, my companion tried and tried calling Bogart's mobile but to no avail. She sent tons of messages ( im exaggerating, of course. but there was a good number of msgs sent) to Bogart's phone but the response we get busy! Great! that's really really great!

my view

At this point we where standing at the entrance,praying and hoping Bogart would popped up and give us our tickets. I could see the wide screen showing the bands performance and I could hear them rocking out. I was holding back my tears (i am frustrated) as i paced from 1 entrance to another straining my neck to search for Bogart. After what seemed like eternity, Bogart found us. now...i could smile. 4 songs and first set was finish. I could relax for awhile... to let myself catch my breath and absorb what was happening around. Finally, it sinked in...that i made it to the concert. i think i missed just a song or two from the opening set. But now, I was there relishing the songs, I grew up with. sigh....this is bliss....

gailie and the gurls

Then the crowd was estatic again. Ely, Marcus, Buddy and Raymund was back on the stage again. Set 2 began...i sang along together with the crowd...julie tearky, tikman,wishing wells, fine time (i like this song!), kailan, back2me, trip to jerusalem, spolarium (one of my favorite) and overdrive.

ely b

Before set 3 begins, Ely entused the audience to shout FrancisM's name and danced to SuperProxy as a tribute to FrancisM's untimely demise. Ely even sang the chorus of Kaleidoscope world and said, Mabuhay si Francis! They also sang Minsan, Alapaap and...

The final song was Ang Huling El Bimbo.... tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig nang tunay....

confetti was all over the place...and then...fireworks! i was kinda sad...tears welling up again...but i hold it back. As their final act, Ely lit the piano! There goes Eraserheads... The group took a bow and Ely said, 'Thank you! We are the Eraserheads'. ah... goodbye, Eheads!

the finale with a bang

At the back of my mind, I was wishing that somehow the band would realize that they make great music together...that they should continue playing as a band and forget all their differences after all they were all friends before. much for my happy ending thoughts.

eheads rockin' it out

back to reality... a handful of people had left the conert grounds. I heard Raymund calling his bandmates to come up to the stage again. He urged the crowd to call out Marcus. Marcus! Marcus! the crowd chanted. The 4 huddled and discussed what songs are they going to sing. Ely said, '3 for the road'. And the crowd went wild.

We were able to inch our way further infront. Maybe as near as the Gold section. (as i said, many had already left). but we didn't go much further we're scared. we might get caught in between stampede just in case something went wrong.

eheads rule!!!

The last song was Toyang. Ely went down and let the crowd sing, as to which the crowd glady obliged. Poor Tim Yap...he had his moment. and he failed to sing the right lyrics...tsk...tsk..

Ely thanked Jazz, Marcus,Buddy and Raymund and for the last time said, We are the Eraserheads! I was screaming, screaming, and screaming my lungs out! (I thought I won't be able to report for work the following day coz I don't have any voice left). sigh....BLISS again...

one last great gig by the eheads

Good thing, I attended this concert. When the times comes, I could brag about this to my grandkids..that i was there, i was part of history! I think, i will have Eheads hangover for a week or maybe a month or as their song goes.... a century would be fine...fine, fine, FOREVER would be fine (for an Eheads hangover!)

*pics courtesy of vina

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eastpak's and naf's: tales from bohol

eastpak and naf


eastpak's version:

it was late at night when my keeper, Gwailie (the one who owns me!) picked me up from the closet and stuffed me with her 'baon' for the trip. she has always been a light traveler; she had a small duffel bag for her clothes and me for her sustenance for the duration of the trip.

Gwailie barely slept, she got up early to get ready for the trip, left the house at 0530 to fetch Bambi on her way to the airport. They met with Berna at the terminal and check in together. Gwailie got worried because Mayen said she might not be able to make it to the flight because of traffic jam (morning rush).

Clinging at my keeper's back we passed through all the formalities with ease. They settled on a seat at the departure gate and began ransacking my contents because Berna is hungry. Gwailie handed her a bag of chocolate cookies. Then, boarding call was announced, Gwailie got even more worried, she still hasn't seen Mayen.

As they were boarding, Gwailie saw a familiar face walking through the aerobridge... she shouted Mayen! a collective sigh of relief was heard as Mayen made it to the flight. Inside the aircraft, Gwailie saw Janet and the rest of the group, the flight went smoothly and I fell asleep .

Next thing, I knew I was at the resort. I woke up with a keeper was unpacking me. After a few minutes, they went out. I heard they are going to eat their lunch. I just stayed inside the room and wait till Gwailie bring me along again to one of her adventures.

Naf's version:

Gwailie took me from her duffel bag and we went to the balcony...and sat at the bed..there she just laze around until Inang and Jackson joined her. The 3 chatted til Inang felt sleepy and went to her room.

My keeper and Jackson got bored...they said they don't want to waste their time by sleeping like the rest of the group. The duo decided to take a stroll at the beach. Fine white sand brushed against my soles as Gwailie and Jackson chatted away as they haven't seen each other since Janet's wedding. Their chitchat was drowned by the gentle crashing of the waves against the fine white sands. I could hear children's laughter as they run along the shore, i could also taste the salty sea water as Gwailie walked along the beach. ahhh....nature still unspoilt by man...a truly happy place to be in... to temporarily forget your sorrows.

Walking through the whole stretch of the beach's shoreline, they found a good spot to take a swim. I could feel the excitement from the duo as they head back to the resort. They plan to wake everyone up and invite them to go swimming. First stop, the giant's room (i call them giants, because they are really quite tall). Jackson happily knocked at the girls room but sadly the tall ones still wants to sleep. Next was Janet's room, Janet wants to take a nap too. Jeff was the only one willing to join us. Mayen, Gwailie roommate was awake and gladly said she'll accompany us. With 2 new recruits, they went to the spot they found ideal for swimming.

Gwailie left me together with her red glasses at a nearby rock. i watched her as she run towards the beach....she was really excited because as she said she can practice her swimming skills again! from where i lay, i could see her intently listening to Jeff . I think Jeff was teaching them some water moves. I see her laughing as she tried her best to imitate Jeff's swimming style. An hour or two had past, Gwailie picked me up and called Mayen from one of the store (Mayen didn't swim... she just hang around the store and check her emails and took calls from work). we head back to the resort. She took a quick dip at the pool together with the 2 boys. It's nearly sunset, dinner time! They all agreed to meet up around 7 to have dinner.

After dinner, Gwailie and the giants (Bambi and Berna) went for stroll at the beach. There was a bar with live band, much to Gwailie's delight the band was playing alternative songs. The 3 listened to the songs while leisurely walking and taking shots at the clear night sky. What a relaxing way to capped the night...i could go on like this forever.....

to be continued.... naf's version: DAY 2, the amazing race