Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eastpak's and naf's: tales from bohol

eastpak and naf


eastpak's version:

it was late at night when my keeper, Gwailie (the one who owns me!) picked me up from the closet and stuffed me with her 'baon' for the trip. she has always been a light traveler; she had a small duffel bag for her clothes and me for her sustenance for the duration of the trip.

Gwailie barely slept, she got up early to get ready for the trip, left the house at 0530 to fetch Bambi on her way to the airport. They met with Berna at the terminal and check in together. Gwailie got worried because Mayen said she might not be able to make it to the flight because of traffic jam (morning rush).

Clinging at my keeper's back we passed through all the formalities with ease. They settled on a seat at the departure gate and began ransacking my contents because Berna is hungry. Gwailie handed her a bag of chocolate cookies. Then, boarding call was announced, Gwailie got even more worried, she still hasn't seen Mayen.

As they were boarding, Gwailie saw a familiar face walking through the aerobridge... she shouted Mayen! a collective sigh of relief was heard as Mayen made it to the flight. Inside the aircraft, Gwailie saw Janet and the rest of the group, the flight went smoothly and I fell asleep .

Next thing, I knew I was at the resort. I woke up with a keeper was unpacking me. After a few minutes, they went out. I heard they are going to eat their lunch. I just stayed inside the room and wait till Gwailie bring me along again to one of her adventures.

Naf's version:

Gwailie took me from her duffel bag and we went to the balcony...and sat at the bed..there she just laze around until Inang and Jackson joined her. The 3 chatted til Inang felt sleepy and went to her room.

My keeper and Jackson got bored...they said they don't want to waste their time by sleeping like the rest of the group. The duo decided to take a stroll at the beach. Fine white sand brushed against my soles as Gwailie and Jackson chatted away as they haven't seen each other since Janet's wedding. Their chitchat was drowned by the gentle crashing of the waves against the fine white sands. I could hear children's laughter as they run along the shore, i could also taste the salty sea water as Gwailie walked along the beach. ahhh....nature still unspoilt by man...a truly happy place to be in... to temporarily forget your sorrows.

Walking through the whole stretch of the beach's shoreline, they found a good spot to take a swim. I could feel the excitement from the duo as they head back to the resort. They plan to wake everyone up and invite them to go swimming. First stop, the giant's room (i call them giants, because they are really quite tall). Jackson happily knocked at the girls room but sadly the tall ones still wants to sleep. Next was Janet's room, Janet wants to take a nap too. Jeff was the only one willing to join us. Mayen, Gwailie roommate was awake and gladly said she'll accompany us. With 2 new recruits, they went to the spot they found ideal for swimming.

Gwailie left me together with her red glasses at a nearby rock. i watched her as she run towards the beach....she was really excited because as she said she can practice her swimming skills again! from where i lay, i could see her intently listening to Jeff . I think Jeff was teaching them some water moves. I see her laughing as she tried her best to imitate Jeff's swimming style. An hour or two had past, Gwailie picked me up and called Mayen from one of the store (Mayen didn't swim... she just hang around the store and check her emails and took calls from work). we head back to the resort. She took a quick dip at the pool together with the 2 boys. It's nearly sunset, dinner time! They all agreed to meet up around 7 to have dinner.

After dinner, Gwailie and the giants (Bambi and Berna) went for stroll at the beach. There was a bar with live band, much to Gwailie's delight the band was playing alternative songs. The 3 listened to the songs while leisurely walking and taking shots at the clear night sky. What a relaxing way to capped the night...i could go on like this forever.....

to be continued.... naf's version: DAY 2, the amazing race

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