Friday, December 5, 2008

kita kitz

makita lang kitang, may ngiti sa mata
makitang ok ka, ako ay okay na
makita lang kita, ako'y sumasaya
ang makapiling kita
ang makasama kita...
kita kitz, kita kitz sa McDo

know the song?! sounds familiar?!

McDo... not just my ordinary fastfood restaurant. this is where some of the happiest moment of my life took celebrating a victory on speech choir during highschool [whole section invaded Mcdo E. Rodriguez]; eating at Mc Donald's in KL, Macau and HK is like having a piece of home in an unfamiliar territory; cramming, reviewing and bonding with college friends [Mc Do Dapitan]; and lastly, spending time with that special someone, laughing till we cannot laugh anymore. hay...those were the days!

Mc Donald's HongKong with my family

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