Sunday, December 28, 2008


it's been a month since i haven't slept at my apartment and yesterday i had no option but to sleep there. i don't come home to my apartment anymore because i'm not comfortable dealing and living with one of my housemates. eversince hell week began, i haven't step foot on that house.

yesterday, flight was delayed. we finish our reports around 12am, if i would go home to QC, it will take me 2 hours to reach home (without traffic). then by 545am, i should have left our house to be able to report on time. so, the most logical thing to do is to sleep at my apartment.

the first thing i did as i entered the apartment was to check out my bed. there i saw my things... my notebook and loose papers, my devotions, bible and my journal... after 1 month of absence, i realize i miss my bed, my pile of books, my little trinkets from traveling, my loose papers wherein i write my thoughts, my colored pens and pastels for my doodling and lil' drawings. ugh! i miss everything! haven't got the chance to do it these days!

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