Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gailie's Day Off Series: Anawangin, Zambales

Part 1:

Spur of the moment

Actually there was no planning stage. Everything was just spur of the moment. Weeks before AnnKat's arrival we talked about going somewhere. The date was set, May 10-11 but we haven't decided about the place yet. Our first choice was an overnight stay in Tagaytay, but since we've been to Tagaytay many times before, we scrapped the idea. May 8 AnnKat arrived from DXB, we talked and decided it would be an overnight stay in Anawangin. May 9 evening time, we just discussed about where we will meet and what time. That's it! Everything else will leave it to faith. haha! We'll just make arrangements when we get there. All we know is that Anawangin is an island with a camping site that has no electricity, no internet connection and phone signal, sounds like an adventure! 

Anawangin from afar

The Wheel(wo)man, The Navigator, The Girl Scout and The Cutee

AnnKat was the one behind the wheel, I was the navigator, Mina was the girlscout (you'll know why later) and Unna's the adorable cute girl who was always smiling throughout the trip. 


AnnKat and Unna (AnnKat's daughter) picked up Mina somewhere in Makati around 0500, by 0630am they picked me up in Clark. And off we went to an amazing experience. The road trip begins…


From Clark we took the SCTex route to Subic, in no time we've reached Subic. Finding the road that leads to Zambales was kinda confusing. The girl whom we asked for directions pointed to us to a different route, (she told us to exit at Main Gate and just go straight ahead when we see the Ulo ng Gapo statue). We were busy chatting when we discovered that the road leads to Bataan! We realized that if we had exited to the other gate instead of Main Gate we would just have to turn left to reach Zambales. So were back on track and within an hour or less when we were in San Marcelino, Zambales. We looked for signs that points to Anawangin but found none. In San Marcelino city proper instead of turning left we turned right and found ourselves racing with the buses going to Iba, Zambales. HAHAHA!

So, we got lost twice and we had a good laugh about it. The endless teasing, 'kantyawan', jokes, reminiscing and boy talks just like the old times during our heydays in NAIA are back!  The 1 hour detour was barely noticed. That's what I like with roadtrips; the bonding, the 'kwentos' and of course unexpected misadventures those unforgettable memories you know you'll laugh about in the future.

Ate and Kuya

Finally, after asking several people for directions we've reached Pundaquit, the jump off point to Anawangin and Capones. We found a Kuya boatman (who we don't know the name, we asked him but he didn't tell us) and Ate Maria the store keeper. Kuya showed us where we can have the car parked overnight and where the boat is. We asked Ate Maria on what to expect on the island. She asked us if we have cooking utensils, spoon and fork, tent, food for dinner/breakfast, firewood and light all of which we answered with NO. Wahaha! She said to us, 'Hinde kayo prepared!' TRUE!!! Wahaha! But were in for an adventure! AnnKat said, we're gonna do it Survivor style! Wahaha! She told us that we can buy food, firewood, water and other essentials at the island but it would be expensive. She advised us to buy canned foods and just have it cooked there for a fee of 50php. Not bad, so we bought cups, rice, spam and canned tuna. We're covered! 

buying our essentials to survive the night

One more concern was the shower area, Ate Maria said there are toilets there and water pump.  We got all our answers so we were off to an adventure of lifetime, Anawangin!

to be continued…

camp site

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