Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Day 3 had been a surprise. Months before the tour, they asked me to make an itinerary (making the itinerary is usually my assignment!) from what I made ; I plan DAY 3 to be an adventure in Danao.but my tour mates are still undecided. I asked them if they want to go caving, rappelling, river rafting, etc. but they haven't confirmed it with me.Even when we were in Bohol, they're still undecided; so I left Day 3 available for everyone to decide what they wanted to do.

Soon after breakfast, Bambi, Berna and I decided to go whale watching but the guide/boat man said whale watching is done around 0500-0530. He then offered island hopping, 3 islands for the whole day for 1200php. Jackson agreed to join us last minute because Janet and family will just stay at the resort. Janet's husband, Jeff and the kids are not feeling well. At 0900, We met Kuya Randy in front of the resort.

so the adventure begins...

the beginning of an unexpected adventure

1st island was Balicasag Marine Sanctuary. It's a protected marine area where we can snorkel and see different kinds of fishes. This is my first time to snorkel, so does Jackson, Bogart and Berna. We had to rent a small banca because motor powered boats are not allowed in the marine protected areas. The propellers will destroy the corals. Berna and Bambi in 1 banca, Jackson and I on another banca. Since its everyone's first time we were quite scared and excited at the same time. Berna was so scared she didn't want to join us. the boatmen were taunting her to go snorkeling but she's really not into it. she just watched us from the banca.

on our way to balicasag marine sanctuary

Once I dipped my head at the water, I saw different kinds of fish and corals. It's truly amazing, as they say it's a different world down there. I can see the deep blue parts of the sea; plants swaying as if dancing to the waters' music. But I can't get the proper breathing technique with the snorkel so everytime I ran out of air I need to resurface and catch my breath. after several attempts I did manage to breathe properly and get to enjoy a longer time to see the underwater wonders. An hour of snorkeling was enough for us novice. We then headed to the shore to eat lunch.

feeding the fishes

jump for joy

Ffter filling our hungry stomachs, we set off to see the turtle island which is not an island. It's a small hut built in the middle of the sea; a hut with stilts. Our guide called someone from inside the hut. An elderly couple stays there, I wonder how they'd hold up during typhoons. Anyhow, the man is the keeper of the 'pawikan' (pawikan is a local term for sea turtles).

the hut in the middle of the sea

We got off the boat and saw the pawikans. We were able to touch it and swim with them. They were so big and we were amazed to see such big turtles. We were wondering why the pawikans would not swim away or escape from the hut, sadly, the pawikans were tied to the stilts.


Last stop: Virgin Islands. Wow! Truly a beautiful place. PARADISE. This place is a stunner! I can't really describe it. Just look at the pictures! We took a couple of jump shots and enjoyed walking along the sand bar. We had a brief stay because the waves are starting to get strong and its nearly sundown. We don't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

As we sail our way through our boatman said he ran out of gas to power the boat's motor. Oh no! Thankfully, the shore is nearby, I can see it. The boatman saw a friend of his and ask for some gasoline but the gas given was not enough to get us back to our resort. We just docked at a nearly shore which according to our boatman is just a few meters away from where we stay. He told us that his house is just around the corner and he'll bring us back to the resort using his motorbike. We passed by rows of houses, home of the locals, a different sight from my usual view at the city. (although I spent some part of my growing years in rural areas too! but that was a long time ago, and now we're talking about the 21st century.) Here, there's no skyscrapers, no pollution, just tranquil surroundings. We reached Kuya Randy's house in no time, he showed us his bike and asked us who will go with him first.

kuya randy coming back for us

Berna and Bogart got on the bike and zoomed away while waiting Jackson and I surveyed the surroundings. Jackson commented on how simple and carefree life there is in Bohol. Some of Kuya Randy's relatives are inviting us to go inside the house while waiting. We declined politely.  Soon after, Kuya Randy arrived and we (Jackson and I) hopped on the bike. The last time i rode a bike was 2 decades ago. It was kinda exciting.

enjoying the motor bike ride

We reached the resort safely and thank Kuya Randy and bade him goodbye. I said to my Bogart, Berna and Jackson; we left by boat arrived by bike. What an adventure!

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