Saturday, May 9, 2009

mothers instinct

i usually hear the cliche mother knows best. they have this so called mothers instincts (is it a skill acquired once you get to be a mother?! is it an automatic feeling triggered when someone gives birth?!) whatever or however it is acquired or possessed ... i do believe in its uncanny ability of knowing something at the right place at the right time.

one evening... i was arranging clothes at my room...when my mom went in and just blurted out...

mom: that's why **** is mad at you because you're still talking to wonderboy.

gailie: huh?! what are you talking about?!

mom: am i right?! **** is mad at you? that's what happen when a girl and boy are best of friends and one of them has a GF/BF. usually the GF/BF tends to be jealous and gets mad at the best friend.

gailie: so you'd better get ready ,mom! someone might show up at our house and throw stuff at us. ehehe!

my mom just laughed and walked away. that night i asked my sister if she told my mom anything about me or anything about **** being mad at me. she didn't tell my mom anything not a word! hmmm...

one night (again!) at the dining table... my sister and i were teasing each mom was seated next to me..

mom: (talking to sister) you still have that froggy boy of yours?!

sis: staring blankly at my mom

mom: xav is a fine man...why not him?!

sis: he's just my bestfriend mom

mom: you know... i saw from a talk show...a famous psychiatrist said...being bestfriends with the opposite tends to fall for the other...a happy ending would mean they would end up with each other. look at your sister (now, it's my turn!) she loved wonderboy but wonderboy already had someone. too bad!
sis and gailie: ma?!?

we ended up laughing.

moms?! what will you do without them?!

happy mother's day mom! i love you!

happy mother's day to all moms out there!

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