Monday, June 1, 2009

DAY 4: TALES FROM BOHOL - Goodbye Bohol

our 4th and last day in Bohol. since our return flight leaves at 3pm, we still have ample time to do our last minute whatevers. jackson and i went swimming around 10am (sinusulit ang stay) Janet later joined us and we swam till 11am.
mermaid wannabes

jackson was making fun of her sister because she cannot swim, and i too, was not spared. janet and i would team up to beat him. after all that goofing around, janet had a brilliant idea. she asked her brother to get my camera and take pictures at the nearby rock.
karate kids

hercules, is that you?!

janet's bright idea

we had alot of fun taking photos, and then... jackson stepped on a small sharp rock and was in pain, he lost his balance and fell on the water. oh my! *gasp* my camera! he still managed to raise his arm and my camera didn't get wet. what a disastrous moment! :( at 11am, we head back to the resort to pack our things.

as an airline employee, i find Tagbilaran Airports' departure hall quite small. i wonder how do they handle passengers during peak season. there are only 2 check in counters, one for CebuPac and one for PAL, i think. the pre-departure area (gate) is bigger than that of Caticlan's. now, i wonder, Boracay (Caticlan Airport) is one of the famous vacation tourist spot of the country, how do the staff at Caticlan handle passengers during peak season if they have a small airport?!
check in area

anyhoo, the check-in process was okay. later did i find out that we were seated at the back of the aircraft. we were traveling with kids and an elderly, its okay, what got me annoyed was Inang got separated. they should have seated her next to Jackson(window) and Bogart (middle) since the aisle in Bogarts side was vacant.

back at the gate, while waiting, we took photos and i discovered that my camera's not working. :(
*sob* i guess it got wet when Jackson slipped. (good news, my camera is working now. maybe the salt water dried inside my camera.)

waiting for our boarding call

berna and gailie getting ready to board (i'm all tanned!)

after 45 minutes air travel, my Bohol adventure officially ends. had lots of fun, will definitely visit Bohol again, with my family, but for now, i need to save for my next adventure! siem reap, here i come!

touchdown manila

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