Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PSP boy

i often see him at the hallway, infront of our office sitting by the couch playing with his PSP. he works for a 'rival' airline which holds office next to ours. i do not know his name but when i see him we talk; just small talk, or sometimes he just smile or nod at me.

then, yesterday, i heard an awful news. he had been hit by a truck and died on the spot. a young man who barely reached his mid 20's whose life was cut short.

its just a few minutes after he left the airport, he was just within the vicinity...on his way home... to his wife... his family. it was supposed to be another ordinary day for him... then, suddenly he was gone.

i may not know him that well but his untimely demise left a huge impact on me. it's a reminder of sort, it made me reflect on my life.

how did i lived my life?
did i fulfill my duties well? duty as a daughter? an employee? a citizen? and a Christian?
did i tell my loved ones how i care and value them?

a lot of things came crashing to my mind.

how many did i ignore my parents warning against going home late. i didn't listen to their warning thinking that im old enough to take care and defend myself. that im invincible.

i always think my parents will always be here for a long time, so there's no need for me to express my appreciation on even the simplest things that they've done for me.

i have alot of goals and dreams i haven't come to realize yet. i strive even harder to achieve this so when i leave this world soon, i can say to HIM that i have done my part well.

life's too short, i knew it, but never really give much thought about it until PSP boy's accident reminded me.

seize the day, appreciate everyone, give love, share what you have, do your best you'll never know it may be your last.

and for you, PSP boy, i do hope you would have your justice. wherever you are, i know you'll be in a happier place. thank you for reminding me to VALUE what i have.

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