Saturday, April 18, 2009


for years...i'm in denial...that i love...and care for you. i've said countless times that you're always been special to me.

whenever friends tease me about you...i tell them you're special to me (coz you really are!) fascinate me...i tell them that maybe this is just curiosity gets the better of me...that's why im drawn to you.

sure there are some guys that make my knees weak and have my heart skipped a beat...i've kept convincing myself and my friends that those were the guys i'd like to end up with. true, my knees don't get weak nor my heart skipped a beat when i'm with you...maybe because i'm comfortable with you around...i can be who i am...

i sure can 'fool' my friends...but not feelings betrayed me... i do long for hear talk to be with you..THEN it finally sunk in...i do care...i do love...Its always been YOU!

*this is me being cheesy! wahaha!

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