Tuesday, July 19, 2011


From Evernote:


The past 2 nights at the apartment we were able to get connected to the cyberworld courtesy of my neighbor. I don't know if they are aware that their wifi isn't password protected.

Mimi and I were ecstatic! Free wifi for all day, all night, unlimited chat and internet surfing. We slept really late. The first night I slept around 4am just browsing the net. Last night, slept at 2 am watching Russell Peters. 

Tonight, is the 3rd night that we had a free internet access. I'm beginning to think that this blessing is becoming a curse causing us to have sleepless nights. My housemate and I didn't talk to each other for the past 2 nights because we were overwhelmed by the thought of having free internet access whenever we want to... at the comforts of our room. 

EDIT: As I was writing this blog (last night), I got disconnected. And when I tried looking for the wifi connection its now password protected. Indeed, some good things never last and maybe its for the better. Its also a welcome relief 'coz by 10pm I was already in dreamworld, and got my much needed sleep.

Mimi and I are still contemplating on idea of having internet connection installed in the apartment. It may be a good idea or maybe not. I think moderation is the key to balance it . We'll just have to figure it out. 

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