Monday, July 25, 2011


Yesterday, my officemates attended a mass. I opted to stay home. After an hour, Mimi called and told me that Renel is going to pick me up. We're having dinnner somewhere, I barely had enough money to get me by for the rest of the week; but its my CRK family, who can say NO to them. 

my CRK family

We ate at a famous pizza place here in Angeles, when its time to pay for the bill. They didn't let me pay for my share, its their treat! I was touched coz they could have eaten dinner without me. The church is just 5mins away from the pizza place but they went back to pick me up at the apartment, and then treated me for dinner. I feel really blessed having these guys around. I'm so glad to have met these people in my lifetime. For some, this is just a 'mababaw' moment but for me these moments are what endeared me to these group. We look out for each other, we've been to hell and back.

When Law needed a place a to crash, he took refuge at our apartment. And he is more than welcome to crash our place anytime in the future. If Josh wants to vent, we would drop everything and be there for him or for anyone who needs comfort. We are not merely colleagues, or friends, we are more than that. We regard its each as a family, we may not be blood related but I love them to death. I have found another set of brothers and sisters away from home. 

I do wish all you to find these kind of people in your life. Treasure them, they are a rare find. :)

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