Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Wishlist 2011

Almost halfway through October so to my fairy godmothers, generous godfathers and thoughtful friends here is my annual birthday wishlist. You'll never know I might have a ultra rich friend reading this post. *wishful thinking mode*

1. Lomo Camera

I really want this spinner 360

look at these cool photos you can take...

or this Lomo Fisheye

Lomo Fisheye

the fisheye effect

2. Rubber Shoes
I've been eyeing this since last year. I so love the color. :)

3. Spark your Dream

Its an inspiring story about a family traveling around the world in a vintage car;  how the dream began for the couple; how they embark on the journey of a lifetime.  They've been here and traveled the Philippines for a month or two, I think last December 2010.

Its not available in the Philippines and when I tried asking the local bookstores. The book costs around PHP2500 because they have to order it abroad plus tax plus shipping, etc., But when I checked on amazon it only cost around PHP750. Its way cheaper if I just purchase it online, the thing is I just have to wait for someone to go to US and bring it here in Philippines. Calling all my friends and relatives in the US, ito na lang pasalubong nyo. hehe! :)

4. iPhone

or Blackberry will do. I'm not choosy. hehe! :)

5. Funds! Funds! Funds!

I need a sponsor to fund my great escape. I'm in the process of gathering all the necessary docs for the big move. I hope all will go well. The world out there is waiting for me... I'm gonna be strong and free!

Thanks in advance! :) hehe!

click wishlist to see  last years wishlist. :)

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