Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wishful thinking

October is finally here! Oh how time flies fast! For my fairy godmother and friends,I'll spare you the hassle of wracking your brains for the things I would want to have on my birthday! Malay naten, mewon pala ko mga bigtime na fwends, ninong and ninangs, hello! wahaha!

1. laptop  - you can donate your old ones to me! I'm not choosy. hehe! :p

2. iPhone  or ipod touch (with camera!) kailangan specific! :D

3. backpack - my dear eastpak gave up on me. sadly, i have to let it rest.

4. running shoes - I wanna give running a try, and eventually I wanna join a marathon.

5. lomo camera -  I'm really fascinated with lomo. It has a 180 degrees fisheye lens! and It's not that expensive! I asked clang to find one for me when she was in the US. She wasn't able to find one.

6. canon d10 - I gave my canon ixus75 to my dad. and since SLR are too bulky to carry sometimes. I want a regular point and shoot cam. and this is perfect for me! it's water proof, dust proof and freeze proof! I like!

7. letters, cards and picture greetings! - I'm a sucker when it comes to receiving letters or cards. a letter expresses what that person thought of you or how they feel about you. no amount of hi tech gadget can compare to that.

8. prince charming!  to quote my former colleague, anra; "nobody should really take me seriously when I say I don't wanna fall in love,because everybody knows I would... Eventually.... "


Anonymous said...

sagot ko na lomo!!!!!!Happy Birthday!

gaiLie said...

wahaha! sabe mo yan ha?! aasa ba ako?! teka, sino na ka muna?