Thursday, April 24, 2008

finding eastpack

I was looking for my eastpack (backpack) the other day, and my mom said that somebody asked if she can have my eastpack. My mom gladly gave my eastpack without even asking if I still need it. I was so upset and I was crying because I can’t have my eastpack back.

Waaaahhhhh….. huhuhu…..

Good thing, it was just a dream! Whew! A bad dream…. Bad, bad dream…

You see this bag was given to me by a friend. (yeah, I know, I’m a sentimental fool!)

This bag goes wherever I go from Bangkok to KL to Hong Kong to Macau to Zhuhai (China), Clark, Laguna and the list goes on….. It’s been with me for 4 years .

I like this bag so much… and more importantly the one who gave this to me!!! (yun un eh! harharhar)

***hmmm… I should start naming this bag.... so I would not just call it ‘eastpack’. I’ll call it _____!

meet my ever dependable eastpack!


Askmewhats said...

Correct!!! I truly truly remember had this bag when we went to KL!!! wahoo..boyfriend material to! :) hehehe

gaiLie said...
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