Monday, November 8, 2010

Guimaras' Beauty

Guimaras is famous for its produce; the sweetest mango in the world as per Guinness World Records. But Aside from mango, Guimaras boasts unspoilt beaches.

beautiful guimaras

how to go:

Plane ride from Manila to Iloilo. At ILO airport arrival exit, there are shuttle bus service going to and from  city (SM mall)  which costs around PHP50. From SM mall you  can take a cab going to  Ortiz wharf.

Another option is to take a cab. There are taxi stands just outside the arrival exit.

We opted to take a cab from the airport straight  to Ortiz wharf. Its more convenient for us because we are carrying big bags, fare costs PHP350.

From Ortiz, we boarded a pump boat going to Jordan wharf in Guimaras. It's a 15 minutes boat ride, fare is PHP13. If you're travelling in a big group you can rent a boat for PHP300.

where we stayed:   Raymen Beach Resort

activity: island hopping; snorkeling; rappelling; biking

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