Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012

Hello October, we meet again. As per tradition of this blog, I now present to all of you (godmothers/godfathers and friends) my annual birthday wish list. 

1. pocket sized devotional bible - my bible is so old. the spine is ripped, the pages are crisp. i think it would not last especially in ever changing season of Canada.

2. iphone5 - this item is consistent in my annual wishlist. I just hope this year someone out there would grant my wish. hahaha! #feelingera. well, there's nothing wrong in wishing. :)

3. perfume - i really love the scent of Issey Miyaki's L'eau D'issey Florale, i just have a hard time pronouncing the name of the perfume. wahaha!

4. old fashioned letters and cards (snail mail) - in the age of internet, YM, Skype, viber, bbm's very few people nowadays use cards and letters to communicate with their loved ones and friends. Its perfectly fine, in fact I often use those apps to talk to my friends. But once in a while, I really want to receive a letter, a simple postcard or note will do. Its a tangible manifestation on how friends find time to write, give advice and wisdom, offer encouragement, get in touch to update me about their lives. And I can always go back and read it again and again.

5. lomo camera - i want the spinner 360 so bad!

6. winter jackets - i might arrive during winter inorder to combat the cold. i need those jackets!  

7. backpack - i'm a backpack type of girl. all my backpacks have given up on me. i need a new one for my travel soon. i like eastpak's getter coat backpack. i wish they had color blue. but this one is just fine. 

I'll be leaving my comfort zone and venture to the unknown. Friends, please always include me in your prayers; prayers for safe travels, protection, guidance, blessings, strength. pray for me that I'll be able to find a job soon. I hope all my wish will come true! :) *wink* *wink*

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