Friday, October 19, 2012

2 things

Its been two months since I have not gone to work and submitted my passport to the embassy. I check for daily updates on our group and I get to see members that have their papers processed later than mine but already received their passports. While waiting I keep myself busy with other things.

There are 2 things that I think I am learning from all of this.

1. letting go - I am sentimental. I'd like to keep things especially from those who matter to me. I have blank papers given to me by my high school crus; or papers with crush's handwriting/signature/name on it. I kept it all. Years before I tried to let go but I can't seem to do it. As I am now preparing for the big move, I am slowly cleaning up my clutter... thinking that I won't need it anymore. I need to let go, I couldn't believe the trash that I have collected, there were playing cards from my dance partner, broken friendship bracelet from my 1st year crush, shades from my one true love-highschool edition, notes I've uncovered about a boy's misbehavior, my black heartache notebook, and the list goes on. I threw it all, letting go of all those unnecessary clutter. Frankly, I thought it would be too hard but I was able to do it. I'd like to start anew with my life, devoid of all those bittersweet memories.

2. faith - I am impatient by nature. I think this is the best practice for me to be calm, to understand and to trust in Him.... Not to panic or rush, that all will be alright according to His plan and to His time.

For now, I'll just patiently wait... 

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