Monday, January 5, 2009


last year, i listed 10 things i want to do... let's see how much i had accomplished.

1. strenghten my christian life
* still struggling, no sunday off; devotions and quiet time, not enough

verdict: needs improvement, needs more effort, no more excuses!

2. learn new language
* i tried calling different language centers but my rest day won't coincide with the language class schedules. i also brushed up on my Nihonggo, i reviewed my notes (from college) and listen to podcast teachings.

verdict: okay

3. learn how to drive
* i made plans on when will i take my lessons but it got postponed and later on i had to cancel.

verdict: failed

4. climb a mountain
* i went to Kota Kinabalu but stil never got the chance to climb its famous Mt. Kinabalu due to lack of time. technically, i didn't climb a mountain, but i went trekking, cave and tunnel exploration. i think its still counted even half a point. wehehe!

verdict: not bad

5. swim and go to Bora
* last June i took up swimming lessons together with Bogart. i learned how to swim and get to practice it at Kota Kinabalu's Sapi and Manukan Island and ofcourse on our very own Boracay!

verdict: well done

6. photography
* bought canon ixus75 last year and i practiced taking shots of scenery and people. i love the digital macro feature. i'm still saving up for my DSLR canon450d.

verdict: fair enough

7. volunteer on a cause oriented group
* i sponsored a child through World Vision. with my little contirbution, i send her to school and give a good chance to finish primary level. i also plan to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, i have the forms and requirements to join. Bogart and I are fixing our schedule to be able to visit the site and help build homes. we're also eyeing be a volunteer on Kythe Organization but can't get information on how to join.

verdict: good

8. adventure sports
* all my travels last year doesn't include adventure sports. will mad rush shopping count as an adventure sport?! wehehe!

verdict: failed

9. martial arts
* so many things to do, so little time...

verdict: failed

10. travel
* here are the list of places i've visited last year

February - March
> Kuala Lumpur
> Macau
> Hong Kong
> Zhuhai, China

> Corregidor Island, Philippines

> Kuala Lumpur

> Kota Kinabalu

> Kuala Lumpur
> Hong Kong

> Boracay, Philippines

verdict: very good!

OVER ALL: 3 fails, 3 accomplished goals, 4 not-so-bad achievements. effort was there, just a little adjustment on time management.

i'll do my best to accomplish the 3 remaining must do things before i come up with my anothr 10 ten! wehehe!

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