Sunday, January 4, 2009

last night was the last of our extra flight, and it was delayed, what a way to end it! open counter is at 3pm and since there's an extra flight the closing of counter was extended to 8pm (usually, we close at 5pm). after the flight all of us were starving...we tried to look for a resto , not expecting to find one that's opened at 1130pm.

as luck would have it, we found one! and they have a free karaoke, free to sing our hearts out! but before belting, we need to fill our stomachs. you wouldn't believe that the 4 of us ordered a 7-10 person package meal. we were that HUNGRY! not even a morsel of food was left at the table. i wish i have brought with me my camera to take the before and after shots of the food. tsk! tsk!

the dinner is a way of celebration, an end to the extra flight, an end to our past nightmares and a start of a new year of working with each other.

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