Sunday, January 11, 2009

'date' date?!

a few people ask me about my 28 realizations, if you have have been reading my posts, some of my realizations came from previous entries, some are self explanatory so no need to elaborate. oh well, others are intrigued and ask about the 'story' behind some of the realizations.

so here it is, your wish granted; i'll start with the most frequently asked realization.

10. sometimes its better to do things spontaneously... like date someone you just met

i wouldn't classify it as a 'date' date but you could call it a date if you want to. (confused?! me too!)

i was in KL to attend a course about announcement ( boarding and communications). at the academy, as soon as we got settled in our seats, Mimi (my roommate, now my classmate) scanned the room for some guys. wehehe! we found 2 guys worthy of our attention. and one of them are staring at our direction! Mimi and I never really thought of being friends with them.

after the course, we went to our hotel to freshen up. Mimi's going to meet an old friend, and i'm going to the city to buy some pasalubong and some stuff. as i was about to leave the hotel, i was contemplating on whether to bring the cam or not. i left the camera thinking that i won't use it since i've already had a dozen shots of Petronas Twin Tower and Bukit Bintang, besides i'm all alone, who would take my pictures. so, i left without the camera.

at the hotel lobby, as i was waiting for the shuttle bus. i saw Mr. Shy Guy and his roommate Mr. Shiny White, both were my classmate from the announcement class. they were the ones that stared at us during training. Mr. Shy Guy asked me where will i go, told him that i'm going to Bukit Bintang. He informed me that he's also headed in that direction, his going to stay with her sister who lives in Bukit Bintang.

the 3 of us chatted till the bus arrived. Mr. Shiny White was really talkative but not in an annoying way, he wants to learn Tagalog so he could understand better the passengers, mostly Filipino passengers at his station. Mr. Shy Guy was just quietly listening to us, giving a shy smile when he thought something's funny. We continued our lesson until we reached KLIA. my plan was to take the express train in KLIA to go to city, but these two guys convinced me to take a bus, so that the 3 of us will go to LCCT.... Mr. Shiny White to take his flight, me and Mr. Shy Guy to take the bus to the city. i was deviating from my original plan but its okay, im enjoying their company. And Mr. Shy Guy is really nice. ( as Mimi and i assessed earlier during the training, he is worthy of our attention, ehehe!)

to cut the story short, after saying our goodbye to Mr. Shiny White, Mr. Shy Guy and I headed to Bukit Bintang, the travel time was 1 hr 15mins, we had our time together but we didn't really talk much, mostly silent during the whole trip, maybe his shyness rubbed onto me. his destination was Imbi Station, 1 station before my drop off. i said my goodbye but he said he'd accompany me. i wasn't expecting it, i was caught off guard. now, i didn't know where will i go. i could have said no, but well i guess i like his company, so i let him.

he went with me to the supermarket; at a beauty shop (gosh,he even went inside, most of the guys i know wouldn't dare go with me inside a girly store, they just wait outside!); and into different shops, he was really patient ( to think he was carrying his luggage). he invited me to dinner. i never really thought of eating dinner, i didn't feel hungry till he reminded me it was 10pm, and we haven't eaten since lunch at the academy.

we ate at a famous chicken restaurant, which i forgot the name. i forgot what we talked about but i gotta admit i had fun. that time, i wish i had taken the cam with me. damn! after that unexpected dinner invite, i never heard from him. maybe because, i didn't give my number and he didn't give his as well. i guess both of us forgot to ask each others digits. so much for a first date, if would call that as such! 'twas all good while it lasted!

last i heard , he's not part of our company anymore, he now works for a government owned communications company.

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