Thursday, January 15, 2009


warning: tear jerker

my sister let me watched these amazing video.

This is a story between a father and a son, their dedication and love for each other. There are 2 things that struck me...

first, was what the dad had said...'Rick had lived his life to the fullest than most of us who are not handicapped'. its a reminder for me that i should live my life by giving my best shot in everything i do. that i should not dwell on my miseries and obstacles, i should surpass and conquer them. there many life experiences to make, i will stop making excuses and go on, keep living... living my life to the fullest!

second was, i am not alone! though i may feel abandoned at times, God is always there. He is the One pushing us to greater heights. When we think we cannot handle the pain, call unto Him, surrender it all and let Him be.

just when you think, you're about to give up....think of Team Hoyt and the challenges that they overcome, think of our Father above. have a blessed day!

i can do all things through HIM who strengthens me. - philippians 4:13

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