Sunday, January 18, 2009

the myth

i don't know if its just coincidence or what but every time cla and me travel together chances are one of our traveling companions gets married a year after. and its proven 3 times!


gail, cha (cla's sister), cla, janet and jeff

A year after Janet and Jeff got married OCTOBER 2004

janet and jeff's wedding


eugene, gailie, mina, bogart, mike, cla and abet

A year after, October 2005, Abet got married


keith, gailie, cla, nikki, nica and bogart

a year after Nikki and Keith tied the knot OCTOBER 2007

nikki and keith's happily ever after

the myth: whenever cla and gailie travel, someone's gonna get hitched! is it coincidence or something else?! you decide!

for 2009, cla and i are going to Bohol with our college barkada, we're betting that Berna is next in line at the altar (it's her first time to travel with me and cla together). after much planning, cla booked our flight. We were both excited but sadly, she received a news from her office. she can't go to Bohol with us, she has a training to attend to that same date we are scheduled to fly. Too bad, we are very much eager to prove our theory. Cla and I beleived that Berna will be our 4th proof. wehehe! :P


Anonymous said...

Its coincidence! - Anthony =P

Anonymous said...

No its not coincidence abet,
we will prove it someday! =P
kaya berna... may enough time ka pa para magipon for your altar date hahaha
- cla

Askmewhats said...

hahahhaa I wonder...hahaha Sayang cla!!! I want to see if it's true or not!! Maybe this time, the trip won't do anything because Cla's power is not there! :)

gaiLie said...

yep, sayang! power of two un! dapat 2 kame present sa trip para matuloy ang wedding! wehehe! :P