Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a look back....

a reflection on what had happened last 2008...

i had a chance to explore Philippine Islands and get to revisit some wonderful place. finally, after saving up for almost a year, i was able to bring my whole family to an adventure they would never forget - an all expense paid Asian trip. my wallet got drained but it's all worth it. they were really happy, pleased and thrilled. (downside is that, they're asking me where are we going this 2009. i thnik they got bitten by the wanderlust bug. they've become addicted to travel. being a wanderlust runs in our veins,don't you think so?!)

with all those travel, aside from experiencing new culture, i get to meet new friends and rekindle old friendships, like my trip with JR and Nelly.

last year was also a year of concerts, there was Simple Plan, Lifehouse, Maroon 5 and Martin Nievera. ( Martins' concert was free, though!) whoa, i overspent last year!

last year was a time for rediscovering myself; my long gone poem writing hobby and my drawing days were over. hopefully, i can still write and draw someday, if i just put more time and practice to it. i used to believe that i'm weak, i discovered that i can be strong. i also found out that people see me as a happy person, an optimist. that took me by surprise, i never thought that others view me as such. i also had my fair share of miseries, misfortunes and mishaps but i'll put it rest for me to move on.

2008 gave me my realizations. sometimes i learn things the hard way, but it's okay, atleast i got the lesson, right?!

this 2009 is a start of a new life.... i'll be moving to a new apartment; there's a new 'boss' at work, new policies and regime; and hopefully a not-new-but-better GaiLie for 2009!


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