Monday, March 24, 2008

shopping! shopping! shopping!

last week of february, i had my asian tour. i have to admit i bought a few things for myself. here are some things that i bought...

benetton trolley bag

this is my best buy ever! [aside from my new baby canon ixus 75 which costs 11,000php in KL, here in manila, its 19,950php, but that's another blog entry. wehehe] i saw this in KL, at first i was hesistant to buy this but my sister convinced me. i bought it for about 1000php! my sister said, "UCB trolley bag for only 1000php?!are you kidding me?!"" so, i bought and i'm glad i did!

adidas rubber shoes

im a rubbershoes and sandals kinda girl. i loooove rubber shoes and sneakers. so, when my sister showed this to me, i fell inlove with it. so, i haggled and haggled some more, in the end i bought this for 250php. i bought this in zhuhai, china, just 20 mins away from macau. after clearing chinese immigration, just outside the building, you'll see an escalator going down to a foodcourt. just go down, and you'll see past the foodcourt, rows and rows of stall selling all kinds of shoes, leather bags and clothes. remember, these are just imitations, class A imitations, so scrutinize every detail if you want to purchase. and dont forget to haggle, haggle, haggle!

versace bright cyrstal, eau de parfum, 90ml

what i love most in hongkong is their cheap perfumes. thanks to shops like sasa and bonjour. the first time i went to HKG, bought 6 bottles of perfume. 1 for me and the rest for my family. thi s one, i bought 7!!! wehehe! 2 for me! i think this one is quite cheap, this cost around 2000php. it has this fruity scent which lasts throughout the day.

anna sui's dolly girl bonjour 'l amour, 50 ml

this is the second perfume i bought, this smells like aigner's too feminine. i like its fruity floral scent. this cost around 1000php.

seed t-shirt

a shirt made just for me!!! daydreamer, shirt that best describes me! when i saw this KL, i tried it on and it was perfect so i bought right it away! hehe!


Askmewhats said...

ang galing ng mga shinop mo!!!! inggit! hehehe

gaiLie said...

natiempohan lang na may sale sa KL nun, wehehe! kung may papabili ka just tell me. hehe! si clang nagpabili memory card.

Askmewhats said...

hay wala naman akong pabibili, we just want to go back to KL!!!!

gaiLie said...

wow! cge, balik tyo! wehehe! shopping ng electronics for keith. mahilig ka ba sa elianto or face shop super mura dun kaysa sa dito manila. balik tayo ha?! hehe!