Saturday, March 29, 2008

my top 10 must see places

being a wanderlust, i have been daydreaming about the places i would like to see, here is my top 10 in random order


i'd like to see what's down under in Australia!!! visit the blue mountains, the sydney opera house and the great barrier reef. so, wait for me mate, i'll be there soon. hmmm... then, a side trip to new zealand, the adventure capital of the world! try bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting and other adrenaline pumping activities. (now, it's 11 places to see! yipee!)


ahhh.... the city of lights, paris! as i said, i'm fascinated with the french language, so fascinated that i want learn how to speak. paris = love, a romantic getaway. want to go with me?! wehehe!


egypt.. english class, 1st year college, we were asked to do a extensive research paper. i chose EGPYT. i'm curious on how they have built those extraordinary pyramids. after doing all those research, it's still a mystery to me. so much so, that i really really want to go and visit egypt and see it for myself.


konnichiwa! watashi wa ge-ru des, douzo! (hi! i'm gailie, how are you?!) why would i want to go to japan?! 3 things: culture & technology, ninjas (this is naruto-inspired) and fashion. one of the most advance countries in the world yet they still preserved their identity as a nation.


as a requirement for passing the course 'tour operations' (during college), we are tasked to plan an itinerary and entice tourists to visit UK. i fell in love with london while doing this project. wehehe!


US?! who doesn't want to go to US?! disneyland, hollywood all those glitz and glamour.

china! china! china! i really want to visit china within the next 2 years. im curious with ancient civilizations and china is one of them.

there's so little information on russia. so, i'm planning to go there myself and find out russia. wahaha! i want to see kremlin.


roam in rome! that's what i plan to do. visit pisa (the leaning tower of pisa), venice (grand canal), milan(see the breath taking duomo) and finally rome (colosseum)! see all those extraordinary structures of all time. breathe in all those historic statues, fountain and monuments. wow! i'm all excited just doing this blog!


the land of the god, as i call it. see all those ancient ruins and monuments. it make you appreciate those greek mythology lessons you took up in school.

my heart is all giddy, i'm really excited! hopefully, i can visit all these places within my lifetime. i should start saving up from now on. anyone who wants to join me?!

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Askmewhats said...

Goddess! Your taf 10 is my taf 10 as well! hehehe

Liz said...

i would love to see Egypt too. the place has always fascinated me.

gaiLie said...

goddess nikki, pwamis alis tyo ulet! china tyo ha, i-save ko na ung tickets ko para makasama ko sa inyo ni kitong. wehehe!

Askmewhats said...

wow..pramis!??? grabe..nakakamiss mag travel..pero I've been spending too much for my dream profession, hair stylist, and make-up artist, kaya ayuN! nauubos ang savings ko sis! Kaw din, save up for your professional Cam!!!! GO GO GO!

gaiLie said...

hi liz! yeah, i think there's something really fascinating about egypt that makes us want to go there.